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Pan community slams Pan Trinbago’s 2010 Steelband DVD of Trinidad & Tobago Panorama

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Global - In the era of multimedia mobile devices like BlackBerrys, iPhone 3Gs, PS3s, Xbox 360s, E-Readers and notebook computers to name a few, nothing but impeccable audio, video and graphic production will suffice and/or compete for attention with the infinite entertainment options and choices the world has at its fingertips - literally.

Bad lighting, bad editing, bad audio and a host of other production issues.  Maybe it is time that Pan Trinbago step back and review the products that are released in its name.  In a forum thread that was supposed to be focused on the availability of the 2010 DVD produced by Advance Dynamics for Pan Trinbago - steelpan music aficionados, specialists and collectors slammed the low grade production, and callous attitude and portrayal depicted by the DVDs, of Trinidad and Tobago’s national panorama competition.

It has been a long-standing contention that the producers of the DVD either lack the ability, or will, to produce a product that will respect, and meet the standards and expectations of a global market.  Indeed, while the performances and musical productions of the musicians and bands are second to none in the world in terms of the fashion, theater and musical performances - the capturing and reproduction of these awesome performances continue to be sub-par.

Among the many complaints, are:

  • mono audio, no stereo or 5.1 surround sound

  • audio out of sync with video at times - this is unconscionable

  • no HD or 16:9 video ratio

  • poor lighting on subjects (curiously, it seems like none of the cameras carried any direct lighting); there were shadows everywhere and on everything

  • mindless shots, wide shots, amateurish video edits and transitions.

Increasingly, entertainment delivery systems like the internet, cable TV and high-end playback digital devices will be the means by which Trinidad and Tobago’s panorama performances will be introduced and/or reviewed by the world population.  After the now-infamous attempt of broadcasting this year’s panorama on Pay-Per-View - nothing short of an awarding-winning production should have been made for this year’s DVD.  The standard for acceptable and great panorama video and audio productions has been set long ago.  Furthermore the world expectations of these productions and products will not be compromised.

Pan Trinbago should demand that this project be taken back to the studio and re-edited.  These products are forever.  100 years from now these products are what will tell the history of pan.  Bringing up the rear in this area is not an option for the steelband culture - or Pan Trinbago.

It is time for Pan Trinbago to ensure that the people entrusted with delivering these products can get the job done.  Nothing short of new standard-setting products and productions will be acceptable to the global audience.  The Trinidad and Tobago panorama musicians deserve nothing less than their musical performances - the best in the world.

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