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Panists Pay Tribute to Moms

San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.  - For Mother’s Day 2010, hundreds of mothers, grandmothers and their partners turned out to an Evening of Excellence at Skiffle Bunch Pan Theatre, Coffee Street, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago.

The event, dubbed “A Tribute to Mother” was hosted by the incumbent Member of Parliament for San Fernando West and the only panist in the world to sit in a House of Representatives, Junia Regrello, captain of Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra.

Apart from the host band - Skiffle Bunch - guests included Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars and Witco Desperadoes.

House of Jacqui Models
House of Jacqui Models

The event, carried live on WACK Radio 90.1FM, kicked off with a fashion show featuring models from the House of Jacqui whose professionalism and artistry had the attentive audience spellbound for about forty-five minutes with their often sexy and creative attire.

 Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra
Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra

Each orchestra was allotted an hour divided into two segments. First up were the suave-looking Trinidad All Stars with their polo neck T-shirts suggesting “the future is bright, the future is orange.”  As the band hit the first note the crowd, which consisted mainly of hundreds of women, surged in front of the stage as if they were just waiting to shake something – and so they did.  Trinidad All Stars’ repertoire included Len “Boogsie” Sharpe’s Magic Drum, Sparrow’s Doh Do Dat, and Rikki Jai’s soca-chutney hit - Barman.  What was significant about the band’s performance was their inclusion of what appears to be an electronic horn in a couple of their pieces.

Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra
Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra

Next up was reigning Pan in the 21st Century defending champions TCL Group Skiffle Bunch who, as hosts, did not disappoint.  With the most youthful outfit on show their statement was “looks don’t deceive” and so they did not.  Decked in their lily white tops with the TCL insignia, the teenage-looking outfit often appeared to be moving to choreographed pieces which ranged from Pretend You’re Happy When You’re Blue, Nessum Dorma to Superman, among others.

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra
Desperadoes Steel Orchestra

Then entered the highly acclaimed Desperadoes (inclusive of Pan Trinbago’s president – Keith Diaz) who, unlike the other bands, were dressed in mufti.  However, the sounds emanating from the instruments made up for their attire – Love is a Many–Splendored Thing, Somebody Go Jam Yuh, Love in de Cemetery, Rain in Africa and Rebecca.  Oh, how sweet were their melodies.

The house DJ was Power Source. It was indeed a truly well spent evening.  Patrons are now awaiting the follow–up one year from now.


by Hollis Clifton
Pan Diaspora Visionary



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