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Steelband Panorama Songwriting Great Winston “DeFosto” Scarborough Speaks on the 2010 Season

A WST Exclusive with the performing artist and composer DeFosto
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Global - His name is Winston Scarborough - but to most of the world he is known as “DeFosto” the steelband panorama music songwriter master.  The exact moniker preferred by Scarborough is “The Original DeFosto Himself.”

For over three decades, songwriter and performing artist Winston Scarborough has been churning out steelband music songs for the steel orchestras - songs that not only fit the steelpan family of instrument musically, but also tell the historical and improbable journey of the instrument, its inventors and practitioners.  The name DeFosto is one of the most respected among the steelband music fraternity.

Here, in an exclusive with When Steel Talks (WST) songwriter Winston Scarborough speaks on his life’s dedication to the steelpan music artform.

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  • WST - The name “DeFosto” is known and associated with pan throughout the world. When did you become associated with pan? 

    DeFosto - In 1976.


  • WST - What is in store for 2010?

    DeFosto -  A compact CD album titled “In a Palace State of Mind” which has taken off in Trinbago, and is the hottest thing around right now; people are going crazy over it.  I had a big launching in the Mas Camp (Woodbrook, Trinidad) recently which was a huge success, a performance they would never forget.

  • WST - What is it that has made DeFosto so successful over the years in the steelband music arena?

    DeFosto - I have emulated the ‘greatest’ of all time - the Lord Kitchener, and I am prepared to take it [steelband music composing] to a higher level.

  • WST - You released three pan tunes for the year.  Are you happy with the way things have been going thus far?

    DeFosto - Yes, I am a very happy man, my three songs are being played by most of the steelbands for the Panorama, and I cannot wait to see the fruitful results.  [They are] “Smooth Sailing” “Pan on Fire” and “When Steel Talks.”

  • WST - What would you like to see happen for the future development of songwriters?

    - I would like to see equity in the division of funds, some coming to the songwriters for their labour/their work.

  • WST - After the panorama season each year, what is your focus, and what projects are you involved with; and what is next for Winston Scarborough?

    DeFosto - As panorama concludes, I start planning ahead for the coming year.  My whole life continuously keeps evolving around the future of pan.  This is how I live.  What lies ahead for me is determined by only God.

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