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Solo Harmonites Steel Orchestra Breaks Bread -Reunification dinner sets the stage

Reggie Rajnauth, right, the Solo Beverages representative
 on Harmonitesí board in conversation with Owen Serrette, left,
manager operations and Joseph Reneaud, the bandís chairman.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, WI:  While adults can take claim for the eventual reunification of the legendary Solo Harmonites Steel Orchestra, youths are getting the credit for making it work.  The impact of their innocence binds the band as was clearly represented at its first ever reunification dinner held at its Morvant Junction, Barataria panyard in east Trinidad on December 29.

Thatís where panists once on opposite sides of the divide now sat as a family, ate, raised toasts, laughed and danced.  It was the perfect setting to illuminate signs of progress, and ultimately hope, for a lasting togetherness.

Panists get their serving of sumptuous holiday cuisine

Shelford Lawrence, right, captain of Solo Harmonites
chats with Peter Kanhai, manager, administration

The wondrous situation in which Harmonites finds itself comes almost six weeks after the band and its spin-off Pan Knights Steel Orchestra announced that a deal had been struck to formally merge both brands after the 15-year split.  Harmonites absorbed the assets of Pan Knights to stamp its return as a musical force in the pan world, with Solo Beverages as its sponsor.

Harmonites chairman Joseph Reneaud, left, with panists
Jamila Peters, brother Jamal Bubb and mother June Bubb

Panists Kern Bobb, right, and Anthony
L.P. John share a photo moment

Pan Trinbagoís National Panorama competition is the first showcase where the reconstituted band aims to demonstrate its musical might. The band will be appearing in the large category, and Yohan Popwell will be responsible for its musical output.

Joseph Reneaud, a former captain of Harmonites, is its new chairman.  Shelford Lawrence stays as captain, while Owen Serrette of Pan Knights fame serves as manager operations.  Peter Kanhai, who managed Harmonites up to the time of the merger is manager administration; Sheralda Moore, is vice-captain of the band.

Percussionist Joel Phillip, left, chats with manager, operations Owen Serrette

 Sheralda Moore, vice-captain of Harmonites in candid conversation with captain Shelford Lawrence, left and arranger Yohan Popwell

Staying true to his utterances at the media conference to signal the bandís reunification, Reneaud maintains that the newly installed executive intends to build a band full of confidence, that is not averse to the tenets of hard working and embracing discipline.  He would only hint that the band had a plan to achieve it goals by stepping up to the necessary demands that is required in the weeks and days leading up to it major showcase.

Positive happenings in Harmonitesí camp have breathed a new sense of community in Morvant and Barataria, where proud residents to the bandís reunification have put aside differences towards a bright future.


Peter Kanhai, left, manager,
administration at Harmonites greets
Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz

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From the News Desk of Sean Nero
Photos: Courtesy Solo Harmonies Steel Orchestra


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