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United States Steelband Association - USSA: New Beginning, New Direction, New Promise

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USSA Board of Directors

United States Steelband Association, Inc. (USSA) held itís election for Board of Directors and Officers on January 13th, 2010.  Officers are:

  • Keith Marcelle, Chairperson (Sesame Flyers)

  • Douglas Martin, Vice Chairperson (Crossfire)

  • George Dowden, Treasurer (NY Pan Stars)

  • John James (Pantonic)

  • Travis Roberts (CASYM)

  • Magnus Scanterbury (Pan Ambassadors)

  • Kamau Hutchinson (Despers USA)


  • Magnus Scanterbury

  • Travis Roberts

  • John James

  • Kamau Hutchinson

There were no candidates, accepting the nomination of Secretary, so the membership by unanimous consent appointed Ms. Claudette Baptiste (Women in Steel) temporary acting Secretary and she accepted.


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USSA Starts Anew

left to right: USSA Vice Chairperson Douglas Martin, Office of the Brooklyn Borough President - Ann Marie Adamson, USSA Chairperson Keith Marcelle

New York - A new beginning, era and focus were ushered into the steelband movement as a new administration took the helm of the North American-based steelband music organization, United States Steelband Association (USSA).

On Monday January 13, 2010 When Steel Talks was invited to witness USSAís election of their board of directors and officers.  The election was orderly and without the secrecy and contention normally accompanying similar past proceedings.  Present were members from CASYM, Crossfire, Despers USA, Pantonic, Pan Ambassadors, NY Pan Stars, Sesame Flyers, Sonatas and Women in Steel.

left to right: Travis Roberts, John James, USSA Chairperson Keith Marcelle, Office of the Brooklyn Borough President - Ann Marie Adamson, USSA Vice Chairperson Douglas Martin,  USSA Chairperson Keith Marcelle, Godfrey Jack - 2nd VP WIADCA, George Dowden, Kamau Hutchinson

There was a pledge of transparency, accountability and support of members by the newly-elected board.  In addition, there was an announcement that there would be a concerted effort among the board members to facilitate the involvement of the upcoming generation of young panists, and to directly address their needs and concerns.

Additionally, the organization noted the need for the involvement and resources of non-pan related persons with specific expertise and focus that would be beneficial to the organization and steelband community.

This new USSA administration said that it is focused on fulfilling the enormous promise, potential and expectations entrusted to them by the steelband music community in general -  and in particular the New York steelpan music contingency and steelband franchises.  The directors went on further to vocalize that they were open to new ideas and would break with the selfishness, leaderless and visionless approach that frustrated and stagnated all processes by the organization in the past.

With the admitted understanding that mistakes were made in the past, USSA stepped confidently into the future and held its installation of directors and officers today, Sunday, January 17th.  On hand to witness the installment and among the invited guests were representatives from the office of Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz and the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA). 

The future looks very bright for USSA.

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