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An ‘Oops Moment’ for Steelband - New York Style!

New York Steelbands left out of their own Panorama Promotion!

Picture of Grenada's Republic Harps Steel Orchestra - promoting New York's 2010 Panorama on WIADCA's site

“NY Panorama 2010” promo - minus New York Band

New York - It has been brought to WST’s attention that the 2010 promo for the upcoming September 4 New York Panorama on the promoter’s site - is not even a picture of a New York steel orchestra - not even that of the reigning New York champions, Pan Sonatas!  In fact, it is a picture of Republic Bank Angel Harps Steel Orchestra from Grenada - much to the surprise of Angel Harps’ management - who told WST that Grenada’s Angel Harps will not be in the New York area anytime in the near future.  Republic Bank Angel Harps’ management released the following statement - “I think the organizers, WIADCA, should be ashamed of themselves to be using a Steel Orchestra outside of New York to promote their show.”

This is actually not the first time that the promoters have utilized a picture of a steel orchestra outside of the US, and New York in particular, in a promotional/public relations scenario.  A few years ago, it was the picture of a steel orchestra from Trinidad & Tobago - which had nothing to do with New York - that ran as a visual.


Link to PDF snapshot of the promotion on the site with Grenada’s Angel Harps

Link to the “replacement” steelband promotion on the site


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