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Utopia Pan Soul SteelPan Jazz Brunch

Bakes, Shark, Callaloo and more - Rule

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Utopia Pan Soul's members
Members of the UTOPIA PAN SOUL fraternity
on hand for the Pan Jazz Brunch

Brooklyn, New York - It’s 90 degrees in the shade in Brooklyn, New York on a fantastic Sunday on the dawn of Summer.  And the Pan Jazz Brunch hosted by Utopia Pan Soul: the Next Generation is the only one place to be on this afternoon.

It is no secret that when it comes to progressive steelband initiatives, Utopia Pan Soul is usually at the forefront.  So it was no surprise that by a little after the noon hour, folks had already begun to line up, looking forward to both sampling the cuisine and enjoying the music.

Utopia Pan Soul's 'Steelpan Food"
Sample of Sunday’s delicious culinary fare available to choose from

Utopia Pan Soul is known for its music accomplishments; however the organization is also famous for its culinary masterpieces at its events.  Armed with a team of family, friends and members who are versed in the culinary arts - there was no shortage of delicious dishes to assuage your appetite.

Fry bakes, shark, codfish, macaroni and cheese, Spanish rice, pelau, spaghetti, casserole, stew chicken, BBQ chicken, BBQ pork, callaloo, string beans and coconut bakes - were all on the menu.

Enjoying Utopia Pan Soul's culinary fare
Enjoying Utopia Pan Soul’s culinary fare

For some, the steelpan is only a musical instrument and will not ever be more than that.  But to the vast majority of steelpan music fans, the word “pan” represents a culture, a community, a fraternity and moreover - it represents family.  No where is this better demonstrated than within Utopia Pan Soul: The Next Generation.

Utopia Pan Soul member serving up the food
Serving up the Caribbean dishes

The Utopia Pan Soul Pan Jazz Brunch again showcases another successful venture illustrating that the music group is much more than a steelpan organization; it is indeed a valued member of the New York community.  Like all successful enterprises, Utopia Pan Soul is blessed with a great support team.

Today’s cooks are Ann, Lynette, Gemma, Takiyah, Tone’s mom and Jocelyn.  While chatting with When Steel Talks, the events coordinator apologized in advance for anyone forgotten!

Utopia Pan Soul's 'Steelpan Food"
Delicious Caribbean culinary fare prepared by members of Utopia Pan Soul’s ‘pan’ family

One would not be surprised to see the likes of the Food Channel doing a special at the next Utopia Pan Soul culinary event.  Beyond the great music associated with the steelpan movement, the food is a big part of the culture - the incredible dishes and innovativeness.

There are some real great food and steelpan stories here for another time.  Can’t write anymore, the food’s calling me...

Steelpan-themed decor at Utopia's Pan Jazz Brunch
Steelpan-themed decor by Kelvin ‘Fuzzy’ Davis
at Utopia’s Pan Jazz Brunch

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