USSA Presents Inaugural Steelband Concert

Despers USA
Despers USA during their Gospelypso concert performance

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New York -  The 2010 late-March “Gospelypso” concert that featured eight New York-area steel orchestras was actually the replacement event for the cancelled Christmas concert back in December due to a severe snow storm.  This time the concert would be based on a “Gospel/Calypso Theme” - hence  “Gospelypso.”  Regardless of the name, it was a terrific musical experience and moreover a thematic and artistic success.

The audience was both discerning and supportive.  Marrying the Gospel music theme with that of Calypso/Soca in an urban setting that has deep roots in both genres, is not the easiest of musical tasks to pull off.  However, this concert’s participants did so with amazing ease.

New York is the largest center of steelpan musicians, steelpan music fans and enthusiasts outside of Trinidad and Tobago.  There are literally thousands of highly skilled and talented current and past players of this tuned percussion instrument known as the steelpan, all over the New York city area.

This was the first public event sponsored by the new USSA (United States Steelband Association) administration.  Following up on their attitude of less “talk” and more “get it done,” USSA was focused and activated.  Public relations officer Magnus Scanterbury recently said that the operating theme of the organization from now on would be “For Us, By Us and With Us.”  With Gospelypso, the event’s achievement seems to have completely embodied this thought process and mandate.

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