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Steel Orchestra finalists set for 2010 Pan in the 21st Century

Silver StarsTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  Adjudication in the four ‘regions’ for 2010’s Pan in the 21st Century is complete, with the 2009 winners Skiffle Bunch making it back among the finalists for another year of competition.  The orchestra joins eleven others in this year’s finals.

Coming out of the preliminaries, the orchestra scored a total of 260, twelve points behind the leading band in this phase - Sforzata - to take fourth place.  Capturing second spot in this round is Silver Stars (above) with 265 points, while Exodus amassed 263 for the third spot.  The 2008 champions, Katzenjammers based in the sister isle of Tobago, did not make it into the final round, and were one of only two Tobago bands who entered this year's Pan in the 21st Century competition.  The other was Our Boys steel orchestra.

There are four designated ‘regions’ into which the steel orchestras of Trinidad & Tobago fall:  Tobago, South/Central, Northern and Eastern [Trinidad].  This year, the representatives from the ‘Tobago region’ were unsuccessful in the preliminary round.  Two entrants fared better from the South/Central region, though the other fourteen out of the total of sixteen bands from the combined South/Central region did not qualify. 

The Eastern region saw four out of their fifteen hopefuls reach the final round.  And the Northern region has staked out six of the twelve slots that were available for the final phase - this out of eleven who performed in the preliminary rounds staged at their respective panyards.

Two orchestras are each depending on arranger Ken “Professor” Philmore to lead them to winner’s row; Sound Specialists of Laventille from north Trinidad, and Fonclaire from south Trinidad.  For the last couple of years, Philmore has arranged for both steel orchestras - in the medium and large category, respectively - for Trinidad & Tobago’s annual national Panorama competition.

Not all the ‘familiar faces’ from previous years opted to throw their hats in the ring for Pan in the 21st Century this year.  Among those who did not enter the competition are Phase II Pan Groove and past champions Desperadoes Steel Orchestra.

The twelve finalists for the Saturday 29th May 2010 show at the Jean Pierre Complex in Port-of-Spain are below.

2010 Pan In The 21st Century Finalists

Steel Orchestra Score / Position ARRANGER SELECTION / PERFORMER
Sforzata 272   (1) Jeannine Remy Bust Your Windows / Jazmine Sullivan
Silver Stars 265   (2) Edwin Pouchet I’m Alive / Celine Dion
Exodus 263   (3) Pelham Goddard Green Light / John Legend
Skiffle Bunch 260   (4) Keith Salcedo I Look To You / Whitney Houston
Harmonites 259   (5) Yohan Popwell Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart / Alicia Keys
Renegades 258   (6) Kenneth Guppy I Surrender / Celine Dion
Sound Specialists of Laventille 255   (7) Ken Philmore Empire State of Mind / Alicia Keys
Codrington Pan Family 255   (7) Cary Codrington & Keisha Codrington If I Ain’t Got You / Alicia Keys
Valley Harps 253   (9) Michelle Huggins-Watts Beautiful / Akon
Fonclaire 251   (10) Ken Philmore P.D.A. We Just Don’t Care / John Legend
Invaders 250   (11 Arddin Herbert Dance With My Father / Luther Vandross
Potential Symphony 248   (12) Carlan Harewood Empire State of Mind / Alicia Keys

Orchestras are required to play a tune from the 21st century world beat repertoire from the year 2000 and beyond, and not more than six minutes in duration.

The music of Pop and R&B star Alicia Keys proved to be the favourite choice for three of the finalists, with John Legend and Celine Dion in the running with two bands each performing their music.

In addition to the steel orchestras, members of the audience on finals night can also leave with prizes.  Ticket holders for the event are eligible to win two airline tickets to any North American destination courtesy Caribbean Airlines.  Show time is 8:00 p.m.

A limited number of advance tickets are on sale at advertised outlets and at Pan Trinbago’s Office, Park Street, Port-of-Spain.

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