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PhotoPlus Expo 2010:  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in High Relief

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New York, USA - Well, the 2010 version of the PDN PhotoPlus Expo is over.  The When Steel Talks (WST) crew has headed back to our happy hunting grounds in search of all things steelpan music-related. And in the end after three days of seminars, conferences, meetings, networking, workshops, and showcases with some of the biggest names (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Epson and HP just to name a few) in photograph and imagery technology - what did we learn? 

  • You pay dearly for not knowing

  • And you have to be where the information is

  • Access to technology continues to paramount.

Yes, all these developments have allowed the users to enhance their creativity and increase their productivity, but you still have to have talent, you still have to have an idea, and you still have to be ready to take advantage of opportunities.  It was clear that awareness of ongoing technological development is key to sustainability and relevance in today’s everyday world - something steel orchestra franchises and steelpan musicians must keep in mind at all times.

At this show we saw memories of yesterday, the realities of today and flashes of tomorrow. And what was abundantly clear is that if you are not already independently wealthy, you need to seek a means of securing your financial stability through an internet-related venture.  In other words you need to be generating income through internet-related activities and/or products - while you are sleeping. Photography and imagery are a crucial part of that effort, and can be implemented via cutting-edge video and still images, for example.

Rep Genaro Arroyo demonstrates Canon's software
Rep Genaro Arroyo demonstrates Canon’s Studio Solution software at PhotoPlus Expo 2010 using New York’s CASYM Steel Orchestra as the focus

The AES (Audio Engineering Society) show and the PhotoPlus Expo are two of the most important exhibitions we attend every year.  Beyond the showcasing of technology, new gadgets and ‘toys,’ you get a real live feel for where things are going.  Who is up - who is down - who’s missing from last year - who is gone and who are “dead men walking.”  All of these are critical to the next major decisions you make for yourself and/or your organization.

Checking out the equipment at the 2010 PhotoPlus Expo
Checking out the equipment at the 2010 PhotoPlus Expo

By all accounts this was another great show. Tens of thousands of enthusiastic attendees, hundreds of exhibitors and lots of information gathering and dissemination.  So it is safe to say the knowledge index of everyone who attended the show went up.  Moreover they continue to display an unbridled passion for the capturing and developing of photographic imagery. The only really strange occurrence was the obvious absence of Adobe. Obviously, that was a conscious decision on Adobe’s part, so what’s up with that?

The seminars were fabulous. There was something there for everyone.  Here is an arbitrary sample of some of the great topics covered in the three days of sessions - Light & Lighting for the Novice, Image Rescue in Photoshop & Lightroom, Photoshop Creative B&W and Color Effects, Icons & Images, Digital Vision in Low Light, The Business of Architectural Photography, The Art of Seeing - and more.

This year there was a concerted effort to ‘go green’ by the show’s promoters. There appeared to be whole lot less paper around.  In fact we were all sent an email alerting us that the pressroom at PhotoPlus Expo would be a paperless environment beginning this year.  And the exhibitors were asked to provide all company and product news in digital format including CD/DVD, USB drive, or other digital form.  That was good - you can get all the info you need online anyway.

The press was its normally jaded and ‘grumpy’ self.  Probably more so than last year. But there were some people who were truly a breath of fresh air and were really enjoying themselves while covering the event.  Synergy Communications, the outfit which oversaw public relations and arrangements for press stepped up to the plate again as they did last year, taking care of business for all concerned.

Synergy Communications crew at PhotoPlus International Conference & Expo 2010
Synergy Communications crew at the Expo.  Standing: Lou Desiderio, Brenda Brohn; seated:  Scott Heath, Roxanne Sweeney

The PDN PhotoPlus Expo for 2011 is already set for October 27-29.  Come on down and get that information.

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