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PhotoPlus Expo 2010:  Go, See, Learn

by Carole Brinkley, WST

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New York, USA - If you are a photography enthusiast and want to learn more or increase your skills, don’t know what area of photography to venture into, are mystified by the continuing trends in digital equipment and editing, or anything else that you are curious about, how do you learn more?  Where do you go?  How do you handle that?

Attendees stand in line for product giveaway from the Nikon booth at the 2010 Photoplus ExpoOne of the greatest informational opportunities for an enthusiast of anything, is to attend an exposition and conference, such as the one going on now at the Jacob Javits Center in New York.  The 2010 PDN PhotoPlus Conference & Expo ongoing from Thursday through Saturday looks to be as exciting as ever.  It is the place to be to see the best in photographic and video equipment and accessories, to explore their capabilities and to learn how to use them efficiently and effectively.  In addition to a main floor that hosts a myriad of products and services from companies the likes of Sony, Nikon, Canon and LowePro, the event offers seminars and workshops all day. The seminars, in three sessions, start early at 8:45 a.m. and go on until 5:45 p.m. Seminar in session for 2010 Photoplus International Conference & ExpoThey are organized according to informational tracks such as:  Lighting Masters, Portraits/Wedding, Commercial/Editorial, Photo Markets, The Art of Photography, Marketing & Social Networking, It’s Your Business, Video & Multimedia, Technically Speaking, Software & Workflow and Hands-on Master Classes.  Don’t let any of the track titles deceive you. Seminars in each and every track are exciting, informational and attention-grabbing.  The presenters are the best at what they do and give you a myriad of insight into why they are such. I found myself excited by wedding photography in a way that I didn’t think I could be.  Some of the seminars are purely informational in content, while others - more technical, and yet others even hands-on.

Taking in a session at New York's 2010 PhotoPlus ExpoThe difficulty in maximizing the experience results from schedule overlapping because there are so many good workshops, how do you choose which to attend!  This leaves one to wonder, when scheduling an event of this magnitude, what is the scheduling process to achieve maximum satisfaction for the attendee?  And how does one schedule to ensure the presenters a sizable audience for their efforts?  Does history of the event indicate that the greater attendance is in the morning or afternoon, and during which time are attendees more attentive?

As for the main floor, the products on hand left this writer in somewhat of a quandary.  The expectation of seeing the latest and greatest was sorely unmet.  Disappointment set in as I realized that all of the product demonstrations, while expansive, were all of readily available products as opposed to yet-to-be released products.  Sony's technical expert, Todd TremanNevertheless, the opportunity to make physical contact with the products with representatives on hand is a good thing.  One of the most interesting products this writer eyed was the Sony NEX-5 explained by Todd Treman (pictured), one of Sony’s four technical experts. It was, however, noticeable that the more senior company representatives tended to engage attendees better than the less experienced, who appeared to be a bit timid even when fully prepared.

The one disconcerting occurrence of the day was the feeling that the management did themselves a disservice this year by eliminating the Press preview, limiting the timeline for unfettered press access to the event floor.  In previous years the press was allowed one hour of access to the event floor prior to opening to general attendees. This allowed the press an opportunity to have one-on-one time with the product personnel, corporate executives and vendors, to get insights and updates on products and discern if they truly were any new innovations.  A time to engage in intimate, detailed product-oriented discussions which could serve to more promote the expo, and possibly reach professional photographers and videographers who are not in attendance, or do not know about the event; to proclaim why this event should not be missed.

Avid PhotoPlus attendees try out products on event floorWhat could have been the rationale for such a decision? Although Jacob Javits is a highly unionized environment, the decision could not be cost-based as once the product representatives and vendors hit the floor the clock is already ticking.  Was it by request of the companies in attendance?  Did they previously feel that the uninhibited attention by the press was unwarranted, unfair or too concentrated?  Hopefully this would not be the reason as this would be the best opportunity to promote your wares.  Albeit presumable that any true professional photographer or videographer wouldn’t already know about this prestigious event, the plethora of digital media has created a whole new generation of professionals whether corporate, freelance or ‘wannabes.’

Whatever your pleasure, whatever your availability, go...see...and learn.


Carole Brinkley is one of the key Basement Recordings videographers and has routinely captured and commemorated the musical performances of some of New York’s finest steel orchestras throughout the years.  Several are featured on Basement Recordings’ critically-acclaimed Pan In New York DVDs, as well as online at PanOnTheNet.com.  She is also a technical writer for When Steel Talks.

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