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The Steelband Panorama Songwriting Team, Still Going Strong

The team: Ken 'Professor' Philmore/Destra Garcia/Mark Loquan
The team: Ken “Professor” Philmore, Destra Garcia, Mark Loquan

Global - 2012 represents five years since the Destra/Philmore/Loquan team has been creating music for Panorama.  Since 2008 the team has brought to life songs like “Hooked” (2008), “D Trini Way” (2009), “Surrender” (2010), “Rewind” (2010) and “Calling Meh” (2011). Prior to 2008, Destra/Loquan had produced “Colours Again” (COTT Pan Song of the Year 2006) and “We Luv Carnival.” The Philmore/Loquan combination had also worked on songs like “Dangerous” (2009, sung by Anslem Douglas/Colin Lucas) and “Time to Breakaway” (2008, sung by Kerwyn Trotman). Several of the songs have been performed for Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago and at other Panorama competitions including Nottinghill, New York, Toronto, and Cayman Islands.

In studio: Mark Loquan/Ken Philmore/Junior 'Ibo' Joseph
In studio: Mark Loquan/Ken Philmore/Junior 'Ibo' Joseph

For 2012, the team presents two songs for Panorama, “Vibes” and “De Player,” both produced by Junior “Ibo” Joseph.

About Vibes:

This song originated from a melody which Loquan had produced as a demo several years ago, but was never released. Philmore and Loquan have now revitalized the song with their own vibes and with the energy and creativity that flows between them musically. Destra - who wrote the lyrics for both songs - wanted to bring to the forefront the story of the bands coming on stage after a lot of hard work and practice night after night, only to be ignored by DJ’s and rhythm sections playing in the North Stand. The players play their heart out and seek vibes and appreciation for their work from the audience with “Gih we some vibes”, “listen to we” and “support de ting.”

About De Player:

The music for this song was approached a bit differently, with most of the song created spontaneously between Philmore and Loquan at the studio while doing the music bed. They were looking for a simple melody with a sing along effect for a party feel. With her lyrics, Destra has put her own spin on a familiar topic of someone playing the field while in a relationship, but the ‘player’ is getting some sound warnings.  It may touch a nerve within the Trini psyche.

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