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Antigua’s “Moully De Iron Man” of Hell’s Gate Steel Orchestra, Passes

14 April, 1948 – 12 February, 2012
Rolston “Moully de Iron Man” Francis
“Moully” De Iron Man

St. John’s, Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - Rolston “Moully” Francis was an Antiguan ‘son of the soil’ who hailed from “The Point,” birthplace of the Lime Hell’s Gate Steel Orchestra (Estb. 1945) of Antigua. “Moully” - a tradesman, soccer player, bodybuilder, cricketer, warri player, domino player, swimmer, boxer, mentor, pacifist and philanthropist - was well known, loved and respected by all throughout his community and within the Antiguan Pan fraternity.

“Moully” served the Hell’s Gate Steel Orchestra with genuine commitment and dedication for over forty years. He was a brother, father, friend and inspirer to all the members of Hell’s Gate.

“Moully” managed the “rhythm section” (engine room) of the orchestra for over thirty-five years and commanded the respect of all who came under his supervision.

“Moully” played all the instruments in the rhythm section. However, his main instrument was the “IRON.” Without the essential Iron there is no Steel Orchestra, and “Moully” was the anchor Iron Man. He was always full of energy and exhibited great stamina when beating Iron, and could do so for hours non-stop. He performed with the energy of ten men.

“Moully” is already greatly missed by all he has touched. His legacy will live on. His kindness and honesty will be etched in our memories forever. Farewell, “Moully De IRON Man.”

by Stafford Joseph

Rolston “Moully” Francis (center) on De Iron
Rolston “Moully” Francis (center) on De Iron

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