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BSO has got “Ah Feeling”

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Brooklyn, New York, USA - Indeed nothing would have given the late great master arranger Clive Bradley greater joy than to lead a posse of his New York players from his Brooklyn orchestras, into the international Panorama  in Trinidad and Tobago. Bradley thought the world of the musicianship of his New York players.

On August 9, 2015 Pan Trinbago in conjunction with the International Conference and Panorama (ICP) will host the first international Panorama competition at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. The competition will bring together participants of twenty-four steel orchestras from around the world to compete against each other for the title of ICP Champions 2015. According to ICP’s website, subsequent ICPs will be held in other countries internationally.

Representing Brooklyn, New York, USA will be Brooklyn Steel Orchestra (BSO).

Brooklyn Steel Orchestra
Brooklyn Steel Orchestra at practice

The contingent of the amalgamation of some of Brooklyn’s finest steelpan musicians ran through their final paces at a practice When Steel Talks attended, before heading to Trinidad under the banner of Brooklyn Steel Orchestra. Without doubt this is the greatest gathering of Brooklyn, New York steelpan music performing artists assembled from all the New York steel orchestra franchises for a single musical performing purpose.

BSO will be performing this carnival season’s monster hit “Ah Feeling” as their tune of choice.  The “Lead Pipe” and “Saddis” composition took the Caribbean and Caribbeanites overseas by storm this past year. Accomplished New York-based arrangers Odie Franklin, Kendall Williams and Marc Brooks will provide the musical direction and arrangement for the orchestra - and the group will be operating under the leadership of Travis Roberts and Kernel Simon.

In speaking to the arrangers after the practice session, it was made clear that in addition to winning the contest, the New York contingent wanted to leave an indelible mark regarding the high level of Brooklyn’s steelpan music on a world stage.

Brooklyn Steel Orcchestra
Brooklyn Steel Orchestra getting ready for International Panorama

Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
Brooklyn Steel Orchestra
Kendall Williams, Odie Franklyn, Marc Brooks - arrangers

About BSO

Brooklyn Steel Orchestra:

Travis Roberts (Manager)
Wayne Bernard
Jalissa Lynch
Jahlani Roberts
Aliandre Maraj
Imari Bactowal
Liynaa'a McLean
Sean Perham
Orisha John
Dominick Robinson
Elroy Primus
Rachelle Ramdoo
Adrian Ramdoo
Shane McDonald
Mark Joseph
Liddell (Missy) Brooks-Rose
Khyah Baht-Asher
Kiera Scanterbury
Brandon Waldrop
Luz Carime Santa-Coloma
Rupert Dyer
Joshua Quillen
Natasha Rebeiro
Matthew Best
Sydney White
Shelly George
Dave Patterson
Anthony Sharpe
Lakiesha Danglade
Damany James
Howard (Bobby) George Jr.
Ryan Osborne
Christopher Raymond
Edward Clarke
Jhacquel Sutton
Kernel Simon (Captain)
Curtis Lynch
Warren Webster
Sharon Samuels
Sheldon Hoyte
Tristan Samuel
Ashley George
Leah Wilson
Jerry Guy
Robert Guilford
Gerion Williams
Jennifer Scanterbury
Charmaine Derrell
Martin Douglas
Marc Brooks
Odie Franklin
Kendall Williams

Brooklyn Steel Orchestra was formed in October 2013 by a group of friends and family from different steel bands spread out across Brooklyn. The initial intent was to prepare for a spot on America’s Got Talent. However, through the process of preparation, they all decided they should come together for a more special cause: Pan! This ensemble uses the steel pan to bring awareness to the versatility of the instrument, allowing the world to see that it is not only indigenous to Caribbean culture, but that it can be utilized effectively in other music practices as well. There is much history, love, passion, high performance, excellence, and etiquette involved with the steel pan, and this group strives to promote and educate with all of those things and more in mind. This instrument is the future catalyst for education amongst youths all over the world and the fuel for BSO to continue to raise the standard and credibility of the instrument.

Brooklyn Steel Orchestra Arrangers
The Arrangers -  Mark Brooks, Kendall Williams, Odie Franklin

Brooklyn Steel Orchestra - Bass Players
Bass Players -  Kernel Simon, Sheldon Hoyte, Sharon Samuels, Tristan Samuel, Warren Webster, Curtis Lynch


Brooklyn Steel Orchestra - Tenor Players
Tenors - 


Brooklyn Steel Orchestra - Guitars
Guitars - 


Brooklyn Steel Orchestra - Double Tenors
Double Tenors


Brooklyn Steel Orchestra - Cellos

Brooklyn Steel Orchestra - Double Second
Quad & Double Second

Brooklyn Steel Orchestra - Percussions


Brooklyn Steel Orchestra - Band Officals
Band Officials


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