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Parallel Overtones - Special of the Day at the Sugarcane

Garvin Blake, Steelpan & Jazz kicking it on a Monday evening in Brooklyn

A When Steel Talks Exclusive

Parallel Overtones - Garvin Blake

Brooklyn, New York, USA - Packed to the brim, with crowd overflow outside the venue - on a Monday evening at the trendy and world-famous “Sugarcane” in Brooklyn, New York - no chairs, no tables - standing room only - Garvin Blake, Frankie McIntosh and Friends held their CD launch for their latest release “Parallel Overtones.”

Parallel Overtones has received rave reviews. It is the long-awaited follow-up to Garvin Blake’s maiden project “Belle Eau Road Blues.”

Watch performances from the CD launch

The masters were indeed out on the Flatbush Avenue strip delivering and performing an effortless, smooth, special brand of calypso jazz on another level. And those who were fortunate enough to be there in person, got to hear masterfully-performed live versions of a selection of tunes from the CD.

Frankie McIntosh, whose role included producer, composer and arranger, also played keyboards; Calvin Jones was on bass, Chris Eddleton on drums, Iman Pascall on percussions and of course Garvin Blake on second pan.

Garvin Blake, Frankie McIntosh and Friends
Frankie McIntosh, Calvin Jones, Iman Pascall, Garvin Blake and Chris Eddleton

Frankie McIntosh is one of the most talented musicians to have ever emanated from the shores of the Caribbean. Under his directive Parallel Overtones generates sympathetic harmonics that connect not only with the calypso-jazz traditionalist, but also with the uninitiated, as just wonderful music.

Two healthy servings from the menu of Parallel Overtones were delivered. Garvin Blake’s feather touch on the steelpan places thoughtful contextual balance and interplay within the harmonically stimulating, rhythmic and melodic tapestry created by the keyboard play of Mr. McIntosh - wrapped un-apologetically around the musical motifs to the flavor of the Caribbean experience, journey and reality. In addition, Mr. Chris Eddleton locked on the pulse and implied percussive melody lines -- allowed master bassist Calvin Jones to be as adventurous as he wanted to be, all the while anchoring the theme. And then there is Iman - the chief chef on percussion - adding a dab of this - a touch of that - inputting exactly what seasoning was needed, thereby accenting and making the musical experience on this Monday evening, an exceptional ʽdish’ with a touch of class.

Garvin Blake
Garvin Blake

Underneath it all Blake and McIntosh present a redefined approach, techniques and attitudes that scream not “just because we can” but because - it’s the sound, it’s the spirit, it’s the story and moreover it’s the life. From the waltz-like Castilian approach to the Lord Kitchener’s classic “Pan In Harmony,” to one of the Mighty Sparrow’s most endearing pieces “Ah Fraid” - it was a continuous string of crowd-pleasers.

Parallel Overtones
Garvin Blake

Whether you prefer take-out or in-house - don’t miss an opportunity to catch this ensemble live and/or get your copy of the CD. You will not be disappointed. Live or recorded, Parallel Overtones in the hands of Garvin Blake, Frankie McIntosh and Friends - is a masterpiece. This successful event produced one “Just Listen” moment after another.

“Parallel Overtones” is available at iTunes - Music

Garvin Blake and Friends
Garvin Blake - Frankie McIntosh and Friends

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