When Steel Talks and BestOfTrinidad.com Collaborate

Ronald C. Emrit with the Trinidad Steelband in front of Frederick Douglass Memorial Hall, Howard University (May 1968)


As one of a few considered avenues for expanding WST’s historical data, facts and figures surrounding significant characters, and events and times within the steelband movement - When Steel Talks (WST) has been collaborating with the “BestOfTrinidad.com” to access and include valued information related to the steelband art form, complied by Mr. Ronald Emrit over the years. This data is included within the WST media cards of significant events, figures, steel orchestras, tuners, players and arrangers, and will strengthen the already robust WST knowledge base system by providing additional facts for those seeking further background on the people, music organizations, places and events of the steelband world.

Ronald—an engineer, panist, WST member and former Invaders (1961) and Starlift (1962 - 1965, 1970) player—has meticulously maintained the “BestOfTrinidad.com” website since its inception. It is one of the most competent resources on the cultural and sporting activities of Trinidad and Tobago.

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