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J’Ouvert City International, Inc. 2015 Results

Board of Directors Danville Williamson-President, Yvette Rennie Vice-President, Cynthia Green, Secretary, Susan Leung Yuen PRO, Matthew Bascome, Treasurer


J’Ouvert City International, Inc. thanks all the Mas, Steelband and Rhythm Bands, Mas Designers, Researchers, Judges, Security, Media, United States Steelband Association, Basement Recordings, Onez Cleaners, Bench Warmers Rhythm Section - and special thanks to the Police Officers especially 67th. South.  

J’Ouvert City International says “Do not blame us for crimes that have been happening in New York. Let’s go back:  when the Boston Bomber set off a bomb at the Marathon, they did not blame the Marathon.  At the dropping of the Ball at Times Square they found a bomb, they did not blame the event; therefore - do not blame our Caribbean culture for crimes we do not have control over, or did not happen in our J’Ouvert Parade.”

   Join with J’Ouvert City International, the Elected Officials and concerned citizens – “We will not allow the J’Ouvert Celebration to be stopped.” According to Brooklyn Borough President “J’Ouvert isn’t going anywhere”.

Jouvert 2015 Brooklyn
J’Ouvert 2015
  Fancy Mas Played Points
1 Pagwah Africa 387
2 Michael “Waco” Jack Tribute 278
3 Natural  Expression Great Nations 247
4 Belmont Connection Universal  Sailor 224
5 Philly Pan Stars Sailor 201
6 Legends African Kaleidoscope 166
7 Paula Davis & Associates Aquarium 160
8 Roy Pierre & Associates Pirates Disqualified

  Traditional Mas Played Points
1 Oildowners Federal Indictment For All 283
2 Dirty Dreamz 'The darkness of light' 154
2 No sleeping Red Jab Jab 154
4 Jab Jab Oil Jab Jab 150
5 Spice Island Jab Jab 149

  Calypso Steelband Played Points
1 D’Radoes Like A Boss 271
2 Steel Xplosion Carless Whisper 264
3 Phyllis Pan Stars Eye of The Tiger  263
4 Pan Liberty Don’t Look Any Further  259
5 Legend Pan Stars What We Have In Jesus 253
6 Despers Like A Boss 250
7 Tropical Pan Vibes Country Road 247
8 Utopia Stay With Me 238
9 Heart of Steel Hello 231

  Steelband Bomb Played Points
1 Pan Liberty Don’t Look Any Further 313
2 Steel Xplosion Careless Whisper 308
3 Tropical Pan Vibes I Can’t Stop Loving You 304
4 Legend Stars Country Road 278
5 Utopia Pan Soul Stay with Me 252

  Rhythm Band Played Points
1 Pagwah   150
2 Rhythm Masters   129
3 Natural Expression   127
4 Five Star   120
5 Spice Isle   118

From the News desk of J'Ouvert City International

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