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The Role Some People Choose To Play?

by Michael L Joseph - Pan Trinbago

Michael Joseph - PRO of Pan Trinbago

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Every one in life have a role to play. Some people just can't help it, their role in life is to create strife and confusion. One must learn to live with that only because, you did not write the script.

Pan Trinbago Inc T.C, has been under attack throughout its evolution. But never before in its history, did the fraternity ever found itself fighting for its very survival. Defending itself against FALSE FLAGS AND FRIENDLY FIRES.

While some struggle to hold on to, and preserve our indigenous art form, and control the commanding heights of the industries spawned through it, there are those amongst us, whose only hobby is to sow the seeds of destruction, wanting office by any means necessary, thereby, showing contempt and total disrespect to a membership, who consciously expressed their rights to participate in free and fair elections, by which this present executive came to office. There was no backdoor entry. Some of you participated and was rejected.

Now, desperation seems to be stepping in and violence is your alternative?  Are you afraid to try again the next time around, or you believe that the democratic process is a waste of time? Is this the type of behavior the politicians you boast of having in your corner are encouraging and supporting, and should the country now tolerate and adopt such decadent behaviour?  What is the message here? Are you displaying your best leadership qualities?  That is why there are wars. To put to use the time of idle people, who cannot find peace within themselves. They are like the RED RING disease that was attacking our coconut plantations some years ago, but that too will fail, as all these diseases tend to have a short shelf life.

While they are at it, the executive of Pan Trinbago Inc T.C, is busy defending the integrity of our organization at the highest level, and restructuring through capacity building and institutional strengthening, to meet the challenges of our industrial and commercial thrust, as we seek to capitalize on globalization of the Steelpan to the benefit of Trinidad and Tobago, and especially our practitioners. This is where the Ministry of Culture and the Arts should be focusing its attention and making a meaningful contribution. On building and strengthening the Culture interest groups in TnT, to the benefit of its practitioners going forward in the 21st century. Not going out of its way, trying to destabilize and destroy them. Whose interest are they serving? 

Some of you detractors are embarrassing yourselves by exposing your clear ignorance of organization protocols and showing total disregard to the spirit and letters of our Constitution. Your ignorance is so pronounced, that given the prevailing volatile situation existing in our country today, you are all over the social media laying vile threats, trying to distract the Steelpan fraternity, by attempting to destabilize and carry the movement back, into a time of non productivity, and creating an atmosphere of unnecessary heavy casualties. Stop thinking about yourself, and think about the many young lives that will be affected by your callousness. Why would any normal human being in this day and age, go out of their way to compromise the unifying factor that is the Steelpan.

Elections are little over eighteen months away, where any member with the ambition to serve, will stand the scrutiny of their peers. But then again, you always start your campaigning as soon as the last vote is counted from the previous elections, and you never stop. This is your right. If the membership see you as a worthy, you will get their votes.  But please, keep the violence out. I’m begging you “Doh bring the doye doye here”, it is going against our mandate. Once started, no one knows where and when it will end.

Steel bands are a family of peace, love, music and youth development, not war. Think it over, think it again. There is too much at stake here.

Those who had and did not keep will always live to want.

A word to the wise. Keep the PEACE  bro.-


Michael L. Joseph
PUBLIC Relations Officer
Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C.

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