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Grenada Drops Steelband Panorama Ball - Organizers Not Ready For Prime Time

When Steel Talks (WST) Opinion

Flag of Grenada

St. George’s, Grenada, W.I. - It is said that you can judge a society by how it treats its young, its elders and its culture… In one fell swoop, Grenada disrespected and threw much shade on all three of these factors. And the Pan season in Grenada came to an abrupt halt when hundreds of musicians turned up to perform and found there was no stage built, so after weeks of preparation, their competition was cancelled.

Spicemas Corporation, the entity overseeing for staging Panorama, is led by Kirk Seetahal.  Seetahal and members of his board tasked with the responsibility for Grenada’s Panorama must step down immediately. His incompetence or outright display of contempt for Grenada’s Pan culture over the past three years is obvious, well-documented and needs no further comment. However, it would be useful for the Prime Minister of Grenada to go on a fact-finding mission and attend the Panoramas of Trinidad & Tobago, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Antigua & Barbuda as a means of coming to terms as to why Grenada failed so miserably in staging a successful Panorama in 2017 with the whole world watching.

Hells Gate Steel Orchestra on stage during the 2017 Grenada National Panorama
Hells Gate Steel Orchestra on their way to becoming the 2017 Grenada National Panorama champions
St. Vincent & The Grenadines 2017 Panorama Champions, Starlift Steel Orchestra on stage
St. Vincent & The Grenadines 2017 Panorama Champions, Starlift Steel Orchestra on stage

Grenada, like its fellow Caribbean countries, has a globally respected Pan community. However, once again we see what happens when the supporting entities lack the ability to bring the respect, talent, know-how and professionalism, that can match that of the performing Steel Band community of Grenada.

Grenada Prime Minister Keith Mitchell said in an interview after the fact: “Panorama debacle is a national embarrassment.”

Mr. Prime Minister, you have a year to get your act together. Let’s see how many heads will roll. The global steelpan community is watching.

Grenada Steelband Association says “No” to ‘make-up event’

Grenada carnival organisers ‘explain’ the story behind the failure to have a stage in place for staging on Panorama 2017

Grenada Prime Minister Keith Mitchell: “Panorama debacle is a national embarrassment.”

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