No Transportation to Antigua & Barbuda National Steelband Panorama - Panache Push Racks Miles to Carnival City

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Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - Panache Steel Orchestra, first-time entrant in Antigua & Barbuda’s National Panorama competition in 2017, was apparently left stranded. With no means of transporting their racks and instruments to the competition venue of Carnival City (Antigua’s Recreation Grounds (ARG)) miles away from their panyard, players had to come up with a solution.

As they are playing in first position tonight, Friday August 4 - band members, including arranger Zahra Lake were among the small group of around eight who took the initiative, and undertook the task of rolling the racks to the venue. The group posted a ‘live’ stream to Facebook as their racks were being pushed earlier this morning at 4:44 along the dark streets to the country’s capital.

Flag of Antigua & Barbuda

Pan musician Maurisha Potter shared that they had been promised “flat bed trucks” for transportation, but this never materialized, hence their predicament. In the live stream, Ms. Potter referenced the organization which was believed to be responsible, along with the government.

Taking it in stride as they got the deed done, Ms. Potter said in part, “National [Antigua & Barbuda] Festival Commission, get it together, people....Panache [panyard] is not close to ARG at all....Get it together, Governments of Antigua & Barbuda, please!”  

So - any word from those supposedly responsible for this fiasco?  Time will tell. Meanwhile, it’s on to the National Steelband Panorama tonight.


   Live stream from Maurisha Potter while racks were pushed along to the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG) in St. John’s



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