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WST Tech Notes & Tips - Centiment - NYVR Expo 2017

Micah Brown, founder and CEO of Centiment, is a brilliant young man who When Steel Talks (WST) got to meet up close and personal at the NYVR Expo 2017. In addition we got to hear him and his views as part of the Diversity seminar at the 2017 NYVR Expo.

Micah is a visionary technologist with an intersection of skills consisting of data and algorithm understanding, HCI-centric digital technologies, financial services, financial engineering and media services.

According to his bio, he has over 10 years of experience (up to SVP) across companies like Aon, Barclays, NBC and Viacom. Micah has a deep technological understanding and also a strong commitment to social causes; at the centre of Centiment and FilmFundr is the need to level the playing field in media for minorities.