Pan Times
Exploring Panasonicís VariCam at the 2017 NAB Show and its Aptitude for Capturing Steelband-Related Footage

Panasonic Product engineer (Broadcast, Cinema & Professional Video Systems) Yusuke Ota, has a short chat with When Steel Talks (WST), outlining the benefits of one of the companyís latest camera lines, VariCam, and how it is the ideal choice for filming in low-light settings i.e. some panyards where steel orchestras rehearse/perform, and similar settings. With its Dual Native ISOs, and in particular ISO 5000, the VariCam has already revolutionized the approach to professional filming in low-light settings.

To date, Netflix has already shot several of their Ďcinematic masterpiecesí with these cameras. No doubt one of the more intriguing new technological developments that has caught WSTís attention at the 2017 NAB Show in New York.

From command performances to interviews and documentaries with pioneers and legends, it is no secret that many steelband-related events take place in dimly-lit environments. And there lies the revolutionary impact this camera could have on the art form.