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Despers USA - Cool Down Pan Yard Version 2017 - Video

Despers USA - ‘Buss Head’ - New York Panorama 2017 - Pan Yard Recording - Video

Despers USA Steel Orchestra - In the 2017 Summer of total disrespect of NY Pan, the Evil Empire struck hard and fast with a slap to the head called “No Pay from 2016” and then followed with a sneak attack kick to the balls called “No-Respect-O-Rama.”

But unknowing to those old devils - in response, the great noble steel orchestras of Brooklyn - pissed off, inspired and backed by the ancestors and always walking with the Gods came out swinging with an extremely potent barrage of high quality Brooklyn pan music to kerfuffle the Emperor and his cohorts, the three nasty witches named - Ugly, Uglier, and Ugliest.

100 of Despers USA’s finest musicians came together to take care of business with the ancient rhythms and chase away the evil spirits of the dark side with a sweet and deadly Odie Franklin-boss arrangement of ‘Buss Head’ by Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin... No prisoners allowed. Names have not been changed to protect any Pan-hating devils.

The emperor was last seen running down the road with some yellow goo dripping from his forehead. As for the witches, time will tell, but, ya know God don’t like ugly...

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Another Basement Recordings production. Captured “live” at Despers USA’s Crown Heights, Brooklyn Pan Yard.

Arranger - Odie Franklin

Captain - Wayne “Bumpy” Inniss

Tuners - Emmanuel “Jack” Riley, Clement Franklin

Buss Head artwork - Noah Smit

The Players

Field Engineers - Lee Bennett and C. Phillips


Despers USA - Buss Head


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