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J’Ouvert City International, Inc. (JCI) 2017 Results


Board of Directors: Yvette Rennie President, Victor Mongo Vice-President, Susan Leung-Yuen Secretary, Lynette Pascall Treasurer, Philip Pegus PRO -- Committee members: Nigel Hunte, St. Clair Simeon, Kwame Rennie, Joel Hunte


J’Ouvert City International, Inc (JCI) takes this opportunity to thank all the Masquerade bands, Steelbands and Rhythm bands who participated in 2017 J’Ouvert. It was certainly a difficult year for us to host our beautiful art form that we brought with us from the Caribbean. Our cultural community was faced with several challenges as we prepared for our spectacular event “Theatre of the Streets” in Brooklyn.

The challenges were:

  1.  Steelbands were unable to find places to practice.
  2. Steelbands and party venues were faced with new gentrifies (people who have newly moved move into the community) harassing them, calling police and fire department to have their pan yards shut down.
  3. Mas leaders were unable to find places for their mascamps, with some having to used their homes.
  4. There were several calls at Town Hall meetings to stop our J’Ouvert by Block Associations, Community Boards, some Elected Officials and other community based organizations.
  5. Limited funding, and
  6. Unfortunately there has been a string of violence that was linked to our J’Ouvert in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
  • NOTWITHSTANDING THE ABOVE BARRIERS, PARTICIPANTS AS WELL AS SPECTATORS HAD A WONDERFUL, ENJOYABLE AND A VIOLENCE FREE J’OUVERT. Yet some news media tried their utmost best to link us with violent activities that were not even in close vicinity of our J’Ouvert. We all know that such violent behaviors do not come from the groups who partake in the J’Ouvert but from others who choose to deface our beautiful event.
  • After the incident on the route last year where the lives of two of our innocent children were taken, JCI COULD NOT TURN A BLIND EYE. The organization felt it would have been careless and reckless for our cultural community to dismiss the violence as not “we J’Ouvert” and continue to celebrate as if nothing had happen. That action would have given the powers to be the ammunition to shut down our J’Ouvert. J’Ouvert City International in conjunction with other interest groups in the community went into full gear for 1 year of negotiating and planning to ensure that our J’Ouvert continue to take place in a safe manner for everyone to enjoy. One measure that was taken was the changed in time to 6 am – 11:00 am. Another initiative was the establishment of check points along the route. Unfortunately several problems occurred at the main entry point which hindered a smooth flow for the participating bands, for this J’Ouvert City International apologizes dearly. As with everything in life when one has embarked on a new system there will grey areas that have to be revisited. As such we will be going back to the drawing board to correct the glitches for a seamless and even more enjoyable J’Ouvert 2018. J’Ouvert City International thanks everyone for their patience and support as we work through the issues and are asking for positive feedback from all stakeholders and interested parties from our community to help us to move forward and solve the various problems and overcome the hurdles. J’OUVERT IS HERE TO STAY.
  • We must give thanks to the Lord for this blessing for an “Incident free” event. Thanks to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Council members Jumaane Williams, Laurie Cumbo, Matthew Eugene, State Assembly Diana Richardson, State Senator Kevin Parker, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Police Commissioner James O'Neill, and Chief Powers of the 67th South Precinct. They refused to stop the J’Ouvert when there were voices of cries for it to be shut down, among those voices were some Trinidadians. Also special thanks to all members of the Mas, Steelband and Rhythm groups for their support.
  • The struggle to maintain our culture in Brooklyn is not over, it has just begun. The profile of Brooklyn is changing and if we do not position ourselves on Community Boards, Planning Boards or attend Community Precinct Counsel Meetings in our area WE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. Decisions are made by these Boards and at these meetings that have a direct effect on our lives not only from a cultural perspective but also in the line of housing, education, health, immigration and policing. Please do not sit home and let Facebook be the only avenue for your voices, come out and let your voices be heard at MEETINGS and DEMONSTRATIONS as the other groups of people are doing. Please fill the Town Hall meetings with your FACES so that when decisions are made they are based on the knowledge, understanding and the immense contribution of the Caribbean community to the economy of New York. Remember, it takes a village to save a village. Thank you.

This year’s J’Ouvert was in honor of Earl King, Founder of J’Ouvert City International, Inc. a picture was present at each judging point


Winning Fancy Old Mas - Pagwah Mas Band - J’Ouvert 2016 Brooklyn
Winning Fancy Old Mas - Pagwah Mas Band - J’Ouvert 2016 Brooklyn



D’Radoes, Hearts of Steel, Pan Evolution, Legend Stars, Port Of Spain Pan Groove,
Utopia Pan Soul, Philadelphia Pan Stars and Pan Liberty

All Data provided by J’Ouvert City International, Inc. (JCI)

STEELBAND 'BOMB' Competition

Results Steelbands Tune Played Points
1st Philadelphia Pan Stars Moliendo Cafe - Band Committee 244
2nd Brooklyn Legend Stars Falling In Love - Jeffery Pierre   224
3rd Pan Liberty Maria Maria – Pro- Ronald Huggins 210
4th Pan Evolution Rocking Coming – Andre White  189
5th Port of Spain Pan Groove Something in the Way She Moves - Oscar Williams 184
6th Hearts of Steel My Way – Michael Demas 269
  Utopia Pan Soul Did not play a Bomb Tune  n/a
  D’Radoes Did not play a Bomb Tune  n/a


Results Steelbands Tune Played/Arranger Points
1st Philadelphia Pan Stars Full Extreme - Yohan Popwell 349
2nd D’Radoes Full Extreme - B.J.Marcelle 324
3rd Pan Evolution Far From Finished - Andre White 319
4th Pan Liberty Junior Carnival - Ronald Huggins 296
5th Utopia Pan Soul Single - Jelenie Fernando 289
6th Brooklyn Legend Stars Leave Me Alone - Jefffery Pierre 282
7th Port of Spain Pan Groove Leave Me Alone - Oscar Williams 275
8th Hearts of Steel Did Not Play a Calypso Tune --


New York Jab Jab, Kutters Rhythm, Rhythm Masters,
Spice Isle Rhythm, Steve Massive Rhythm, Sumkinabakanaal,Greenhouse Jab Jab

Results Rhythm Bands Points
1st Steve Massive Rhythm 169
2nd Sumkinabakanaal 166
3rd Spice Isle Rhythm 157
4th Kutters Rhythm 146
5th Greenhouse Jab Jab 142
6th Rhythm Masters 135
7th New York Jab Jab 115


Wendell & Associates, Pagwah, Marabella Boys & Girls, Kendell, 2J & Friends, Roy Pierre & Associates, Legend Stars, Green House Jab Jab, Oildowners, No Sleeping, Hearts of Steel, New York Jab Jab, Barbara & Associates, Dirty Dreamz, Kutters Mas, Carenege United, Paint Army


Results Mas bands Portrayals Points
1st Pagwah Kritical News 380
2nd Roy Pierre & Associates Untamed 375
3rd 2 J & Friends City of Gold 295
4th Legend Stars Boolywood    275
5th Wendell & Associates Visions of the Middle East 220
6th Kutters When We Were Free in Africa 200
7th Barbara & Associates  Outlawlessness 145
8th Marabella Boys & Girls Living In Color 135
9th Wendy & Associates Full Extreme Fashion 120


Results Mas bands Portrayal Points
1st Carenege United Pirates of the West  275
2nd Green House Jab Jab History of Jab Jab 200
3rd Oildowners Show Me Your True Colors 185
4th No Sleeping We Jamming Still 130
5th Dirty Dreamz Stink & Dutty 125
6th New York Jab Jab Jab 100


Results Individuals Portrayals   Points
1st MALE
Kendell Julien
Sir Walter Raleigh - City of Gold 2 J & Friends 275
  John Anderson Wall Street Corporate Raider - Untamed   Roy Pierre & Associates 275
Sandra Bell
Peace Begins With Me - Kritical News Pagwah 250

From the News Desk of J'Ouvert City International

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