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Dante Spoken Here - Why is Dante important to you?

Everywhere you turned at the 145th AES Convention in New York there seemed to be something related to “Dante” going on. It was unavoidable and simply inescapable. It is the latest buzz in audio engineering. “Dante Spoken Here” is not a joke or a passing fad. The audio industry and manufactures have embraced Dante.

But what is Dante? And why is it important to you? Simply put Dante, and to a greater extent AES67 (more on that later) - is a game-changer. By way of permanently impacting the way we think, see and do things in audio engineering, broadcasting, recording - Dante has landed with a large “bang” as it allows professional media over IP networks. Furthermore it will change your thought process on what is capable, cost compatibility between equipment and systems, and their relevancy going forward.

Corey Boyer of Audinate speaks about Dante to WST at the 145th AES Convention in New York
Corey Boyer of Audinate speaks about Dante to WST at the 145th AES Convention in New York

At the 2018 AES Convention When Steel Talks (WST) spoke to Corey Boyer, Director of System Solutions, America at Audinate. Audinate is the company that developed Dante (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet) in 2006. In a short interview with WST, Mr. Boyer explains the advantages of Dante and why it has been so impactful.

Why is this so important to Pan? Let’s face it: many of the broadcasts and recordings of Pan events are atrocious. Either those in charge don’t know or don’t care. And to make matters worse, many in the viewing public tend to compliment these substandard and highly unprofessional broadcasts.

Dante is primarily for professional, commercial applications. However, its offering of professional media over IP Networks, PCM Digital Audio based on and compatible with AES67 - offers a cost-effective way to broadcasters to up their game all over the world. Not to mention stave of obsolescence issues.

Another moment of meeting the challenge of technology in the arts.

AES New York 2018 was co-located with the independent NAB Show New York 2018 event at the Jacob Javits Center.