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My Time Again! -- Parang 2019

by Rhonda Rosales

My Time Again! -- Parang 2019, sung by Rhonda Rosales
Steelpan by Curt Rogers

Global - This song was written through the belief, encouragement and bit of nag…LOL, from band mate Ron Metivier who always saw the potential in me to compose lyrically and never accepted the excuse, “I can’t write because I don’t play any instruments to guide me along!” The day of this inspiration occurred from one of those phone calls which started as a casual conversation about songs to prepare for a rehearsal that turned into an argument about believing in one’s self.

“I just started humming a melody that vibrated through me…made my pores raise. The lyrics just flowed after and I am proud to say I wrote the entire song in less than an hour.”  I hope that my artistic side continues blossom and everyone else finds that friend who believes, motivates and inspires them for goodness as I am lucky to have my colleague Ron Metivier.

Thank you to Samuel Jack for all the creative ideas and late nights that helped to bring the song to life. Ron Metivier for his musical expertise, playing and creative thinking. Curt Rogers and Wayne (Supahombah) Wickham for their boss skills and Madagin Studios, artiste Patch who fed us and treated us with love while we spent late nights at his studio.

My Time
‘My Time Again’ session - Curt Rogers is on steelpan, at left

  • Artist: Rhonda Rosales

  • Writer: Rhonda Rosales Track

  • Title: My Time Again

  • Arranged by: Ron Metivier

  • Producer: Samuel Jack

  • Bass: Wayne Supahombah Wickham

  • Steel Pan/TocToc: Curt Rogers

  • Guitar/Cuatro: Ron Metivier

  • Maracas: Ron Metivier/Rhonda Rosales

  • Studio: Madagain Production

My Time
Rhonda Rosales

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