Pan Tune of The Decade

Jevaughn “V’ghn” John
Trouble In The Morning is performed and written by “V’ghn” aka Jevaughn “V’ghn” John

Before the last decade ended, When Steel Talks completely agreed with steelband enthusiast Glenroy Joseph when he called “Band From Space” by Amrit Samaroo and Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung “the best pan tune of the last decade.”  And this declaration was done in 2007 with still time to spare before the decade officially ended.  From a lyrical, spiritual, musical, story-telling and cultural level they simply nailed it.  The song captured the imagination of the community and genre.

As this decade comes to an end with 2019’s “Trouble in the Morning” by “V’ghn” - it is When Steel Talks’ tune of the decade for pan.

To date, no less than eleven conventional steel orchestras in the upcoming 2020 Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama have committed to this song as their tune of choice.  In addition, the song has been the tune of choice in Grenada, the United Kingdom and New York’s steel orchestra music competitions.

Like Band From Space in the previous decade, Trouble in the Morning has struck a musical chord within the steelband movement. The embracing of this tune by the global pan music community for Panorama competitions around the world, also highlights the continued seismic shift towards the return to usage of popular tunes of the day, in Panorama competition.

Hookin’ Meh” sung Farmer Nappy and “Ah Feeling” sung by “Lead Pipe” and “Saddis” also merit honorable mention.

"Trouble in the Morning" by “V’ghn”

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