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Remembering Panist Vanya Reid

by Debra Pan Diva Eden

Vanya Reid
Vanya Reid

United Kingdom - Born in 1977, with an ear that appreciated decades of music from all genres, way beyond her years. The original compositions of this Pan Woman reflected her gifts and were the outlet for a talent she shared. Vanya Reid played piano, guitar, violin and pan.  She owned each and spent quality time composing. This was a gift displayed over her life as a musician, arranger, mentor, friend and woman of steel.

A true pan woman who is credited for her versatility, Vanya had the ability to play well and learn almost anything with pure passion and drive. She did this naturally and it gave her a pleasure that only pan can give. A proud lover of steelpan music who was respected by many as she contributed her skills in many bands both national and international.

She transferred the mentoring skills gained in her work with young people as an advisor in Harringay council.

Vanya loved to inspire and encourage musicians and openly discussed ways to develop and willingly shared her personal experiences.

Vanya Reid with Ebony Steel Band
Vanya Reid with Ebony Steel Band

Vanya “Pan Woman” Reid is someone the pan lovers in the world will remember, love and talk about for a very long time now that she is gone, because her presence was everything to so many.

She was radiant, talented, stylish and affectionate. A caring and expressive individual, in everything she did, to everyone she encountered. Rest in music, love and peace Vanya Reid (1977 -2019).


Vanya Reid
Duvone Stewart with Vanya Reid

St Paul’s and All Hallows Steelband
Eclipse Steelband
Mangrove Steelband
Ebony Steelband
Women of Steel
Laventille Sound Specialists
Phase II Pan Groove
Silver Stars
Skiffle Bunch
Crescendos Musicale
Tamana Pioneers
San Juan All Stars

Original Compositions
2003 Pan Explosion
Phases Pantasia Steelband

2006 Pan Explosion
El Quadico
2nd place Mangrove Steelband

2009 Winners Pan Explosion
Infatuation Ebony Steelband

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