Pan-Ossia Steel Orchestra Hosts 2019 Panyard Lime with Melody Warriors

by Robert Cadet, Jr.

Pan-Ossia Steel Orchestra band logo
Pan-Ossia & Melody Warriors steel orchestras 2019 Panyard lime promotional poster

St. John, Grenada, W.I. - The panyard lime is an event put on by each steel band in Grenada to raise funds and also to let the public get to know the songs the bands are playing [for Panorama]. Pan-Ossia and Melody Warriors were the first two bands to start off the panyard lime.

With food, drinks and band shirts on sale Melody Warriors started to play their junior Panorama rendition of playing Laura Lisa’s ‘Dis Carnival,’ arranged by Robert Cadet, Jr. Next, capturing everyone’s attention the Melody Warriors senior band followed, playing the same selection.

Thirty minutes later Pan-Ossia’s senior steel orchestra played ‘Gifted’ by Dash, arranged by veteran arranger Robert Cadet, Sr. Already having a Panorama title under his belt with Toyota All Stars, Cadet Sr. looks to gain another one in Panorama 2019.

Pan-Ossia Steel Orchestra 10th Anniversary Celebration (2019)

2019 will make ten years that Pan-Ossia is in existence. On the 27th of July they will be having their 10-year anniversary BBQ and band launching.

In an effort to help another band grow, Pan Ossia has offered their pans and yard to the ‘new kids on the block’ - Melody Warriors. The former decided to help Melody Warriors out by lending them pans and sharing their panyard. This year will be Melody Warriors’ second time going into the National Senior Panorama. Melody warriors is led by Mr. and Mrs. Prime. The band is from Sauteurs and is based in (Coco Groove) Gouyave, St. John.

The panyard lime is the start of something great for all bands and an event that gets the people more involved in the bands.

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