A Moment in Pan - BSO Remembers Panist Erica Renaud at “Pan Is Sweet” 2019

Tribute to panist Erica Renaud at Pan Is Sweet 2019
Tribute to Erica Renaud at Pan Is Sweet 2019

New York, USA - In the midst of all the joy, happiness and goodwill that 2019’s “Pan Is Sweet” generated, there was a bitter-sweet moment of deep pain and reflection coupled with happy memories, as Brooklyn Steel Orchestra (BSO) honored and remembered the late vibrant panist Erica Renaud, who was abruptly taken away from the New York steelband community just a few months ago.

Erica was all that Pan in Brooklyn is about. She possessed an insatiable   love for the art form, culture and people that was infectious to all who were around and performed with her.

It was indeed an emotional moment when BSO’s Kern Simon presented Erica’s daughter Jade Vargas with a commemorative plaque, as he reminded her of the high esteem and admiration the Pan community held her mom in. Moreover, Kern let it be known that the New York Pan community is Jade’s family and will always be there for her.

Kern Simon with Jade Vargas at Pan Is Sweet 2019
Kern Simon with Jade Vargas, daughter of Erica Renaud, at Pan Is Sweet 2019

Overwhelmed with the emotions of the moment, Jade let the audience know of the passion her mom had for Pan and adulterated love for the community and culture.

For anyone who knew Erica, there is absolutely no doubt she would have enjoyed the show.

Panist and arranger Kendall Williams performed a special musical tribute in memory of Erica Renaud.

Kendall Williams performs in musical tribute to Erica Renaud at Pan Is Sweet 2019
Kendall Williams performs in tribute to Erica Renaud

  Tribute to Erica Renaud at Pan Is Sweet 2019

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