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Legendary Dr. Roy Cape Injured In Fall

Dr. Roy Cape
Dr. Roy Cape

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - It has been reported that Dr. Roy Cape was invited at the last minute to Sangre Grande by the Regional Corporation to accompany calypsonian Mighty Chalkdust and local politicians to rename the space formerly called the Monte Cristo Park Band Stand at George Street in Sangre Grande, to ‘Eric Taylor “Pink Panther” Band Stand’ in honor of calypsonian Pink Panther. This was on Wednesday October 16.

On his way back home Dr. Cape stopped off in Valencia to purchase some avocados and is said to have missed his step on an ‘uneven’ sidewalk, falling and breaking his hip. He is currently at the Sangre Grande Hospital, where hip replacement surgery is listed as being scheduled for next Tuesday (October 22).

Cape is said to be receiving ‘the best of the universal health care provided’ in the respective area and being well taken care of at this local public health institution.  He is reported to be “very comfortable.”

Dr. Roy Cape’s importance to the steelband art form must not ever be underestimated, dismissed or forgotten. Pan History would be vastly DIFFERENT if not for Dr. Roy Cape.

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