The Doctor Is In: Legendary Musician Pelham Goddard Receives Honorary Doctorate From UWI

Dr. Pelham Goddard
Dr. Pelham Goddard - image: Exodus Steel Orchestra

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pelham Goddard, one of the most notable and influential arrangers, composers, and performing artists of the Caribbean music genre has been bestowed an honorary doctorate from the University of the West Indies (UWI) on October 26, 2019. Many of the most memorable Caribbean songs of this generation have come through Pelham Goddard as an arranger, producer and studio recording musician.

In addition to outstanding musical works in the studio and with Charlie’s Roots, Pelham is a champion Panorama arranger with Exodus Steel Orchestra.  His noteworthy musical works also include Panorama arrangements for New York’s Marsicans Steel Orchestra, such as Firestorm, (2002), Celebrate (2004) and Dead Or Alive (2005).

A legend in his own right, Pelham joins an elite cadre of musicians who have now been recognized for their extraordinary talent and contributions to the musical landscape of Trinidad & Tobago and the wider world. Among those previously so honored, Dr. Roy Cape, Dr. Leroy Calliste (Black Stalin), Dr. Winston Bailey (Mighty Shadow) and Dr. Winsford Devine readily come to mind.

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