Dream Chip Technologies Puts Power in the hands of the Common Man - NAB Show New York 2019

Meeting the challenge of identifying new technologies and possibilities for all things Pan

New York, USA -  The new technological frontier is AR (Augmented Reality) and Immersive Audio. Actually it’s not new; it’s been on for quite a while. It’s just a matter of who knows what and who has access to what. And quite simply you are either in it or out completely. There is no middle ground. Whether you are in education, the performing arts, farming, civil service or basket-weaving, you are going to be impacted if you haven’t already.

When Steel Talks spoke briefly  to Tommy Goodson, president of AudioVideo BrandBuilder Corp and Stephane Ducobu of Dream Chip Technologies about their products at the 2019 NY NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show at the Jacob Javits Center - October 16 & 17. These new developing technologies are having a significant impact on the steelband music culture and communities if deployed in the education and performance communities.

Ducobu was on hand to expand on details regarding Germany-based Dream Chip Technologies, a company founded and essentially staffed by, engineers. The organization showcased a series of very capable, powerful miniature and compact products whose prices fall into the affordable (relatively speaking) range while still displaying professional abilities and specs.  Their products include encoders/decoders (streaming solutions),  4K UHD cameras, broadcast units, video transmitters among others.  These provide access to technologies normally only seen in the very high-end products. “We are bringing very affordable cameras at very high quality,” says Ducobu. 

Stephane Ducobu  (right) showcases Dream Chip Technologies products to NAB show attendees
Stephane Ducobu (right) showcases Dream Chip products to NAB show attendees

In capable hands, this type of gear should provide the means to create outstanding and revolutionary media and educational products for the music community among many others. With AI and Immersive Audio now an inescapable reality, these products will have a significant impact on creativity, performance, broadcasting and recording.

Indeed, powerful tools in the hands of the common man.

 Stephane Ducobu and Tommy Goodson speak at the 2019 NAB Show New York