Tell your story. Please. ONE VIDEO IS NOT ENOUGH. One raindrop is not a thunderstorm. One note is not a Panorama song.

by Markus Garceran



New York, USA - “It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.”


I remember three years ago, Jahlani and I launched a project...movement, if you will...called Let Steelpan Ring. Many of whom appeared in the very same video that seems to have ruffled feathers. It served as a revolution movement to attempt to get the pan community more involved in moving the Brooklyn steel pan community out of the stone ages: 20th century business practices, annually going to an asinine promoter WITHOUT A CONTRACT, etc.

I remember Let Steelpan Ring called for a summit asking for EVERYONE to come voice their opinions on how we as a whole can be better and a grand total of 17 people showed up after the whole NY pan community spent ample time talking about what needs to change in our community...on Facebook (I’m sensing a pattern).

New York Pan

I find it, at this point utterly hilarious that people are more upset about inclusion on a spur of the moment conversation and less upset about the complete and utter bull that the bands we allegedly love have to endure because of one event that holds more weight than it should.

What many people in the WhenSteelTalks video share in common is that when they were tired of their current system: they decided to stand up, make a change, and try something new. They were willing to take the risk. Learn. Grow. THIS is what we need ultimately: The ability for us all as individuals, as individual bands, as old bands, as new bands, as a New York steel pan family to learn, grow, flourish, and most importantly CELEBRATE EACH OTHER IN OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND BE THERE FOR ONE ANOTHER IN DOWNFALLS.

I guarantee you, the collective featured in the roundtable discussion tell a story, but not the entire story... and never meant to. Because the trials and tribulations that affect Pan Evolution are surely not the same as Casym’s or Harmony’s or Radoes’ or Hearts of Steel’s etc.

Tell your story. Please. ONE VIDEO IS NOT ENOUGH. One raindrop is not a thunderstorm. One note is not a Panorama song. One pan does not qualify as a Panorama band in New York (a reference to the problems Genesis faced while we were too busy worrying about our own bands. Yes I said we. I am just at much at fault and I acknowledge that.) We collectively need to stop trying to be a part of everyone’s wave and let’s just all make our own. #BeTheChange #LetSteelpanRing.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


See story and video -  Real Talk - From New York Pan Men and Pan Women - But Is Anybody Listening?

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