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Plans announced for Brooklyn’s J’Ouvert Parade 2020

by J’Ouvert City International

Brooklyn, New York, USA - J’Ouvert City International has announced its plans for the 2020 festival usually held in the pre-dawn hours every Labor Day.  “As our State, our nation and our world continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all challenged to find creative means of expression and honoring our traditions. J’Ouvert City International is no different in this regard. And so, though we are saddened by the reality that we are unable to hold our customary J’Ouvert parade, we are happy to announce that the day will not go unmarked. On the morning of Monday September 7, J’Ouvert City International and our affiliate organizations will host a Press Conference and breakfast to honor our Heroes. These include our essential frontline workers, cultural stalwarts who were victims of the coronavirus as well as some of the young leaders currently engaged in the national protest movement against the scourge of systemic racism in this country.

“The honorees will include 15 essential workers drawn from a pool of nurses, aides, homeless shelter advocates, MTA workers and the Mayor’s Crisis Management System. Several J’Ouvert Masquerade and Steelband groups who participated in the 2019 parade will also be among the awardees. In addition, special honor will be given to Martin “Dougie” Douglas, Hansel “Hanny” Leon and Oscar Williams three icons of the J’Ouvert Steelband movement who we sadly loss to the coronavirus, as well as Mr. Neville Jules one of the notable pioneers and innovator in the steelpan community died in early February.

J’Ouvert in Brooklyn
J’Ouvert in Brooklyn

“This year 2020 we have decided to honor our Heroes:  Essential Workers who have worked tirelessly at the forefront of this battle with our faceless enemy called coronavirus,” says Yvette Rennie, President of J’Ouvert City International. “We have seen them cry, we bear witness to the battle scars of the mask lines on their faces and yet they have not given up,” she adds. “Simultaneously, in the fight against the other pandemic of racism and police brutality, we have seen our young people fill the streets in peaceful protests. In recognition and appreciation of all these heroes and their outstanding, unselfish diligent effort to our community, we will proudly honor them on J’Ouvert morning.”

Thirteen local elected officials, as well as the New York City Police Commissioner are invited to hand our citations and proclamations. The staging area for this J’Ouvert morning Press Conference will be the parameter in front the Post office located on Empire Blvd between Nostrand and Rogers Avenues which is part of the usual J’Ouvert morning parade route. As such J’Ouvert 2020 will still be marked with the energy and spirit of the people who continue to put our culture on the world stage. The event will take place from 10:00 a.m. - 12 noon.

“Our Caribbean cultural traditions are strong and our J’Ouvert City International brand has been one of its most vibrant medium of expression in Brooklyn, New York for the past 36 years,” says Rennie. “For this year, COVID-19 may have silenced our street music but it cannot stop the music in the hearts of our steelband and masquerade proponents.”  

J'Ouvert in Brooklyn

For further information please contact J’Ouvert City International @ 718-636-8029 or

ABOUT J’OUVERT CITY INTERNATIONAL: J’Ouvert City International, Inc. is a non-profit 501.c3 organization which has been in existence for the past 36 years in the New York TriState area. Our organization’s goals are the maintaining and preserving of Caribbean Culture, Indigenous Art Forms and Heritage. Programs are designed to educate and teach all people about the origin and history of our culture. Also, the importance of merging cultures from diverse backgrounds which will be beneficial to all children in the communities.

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