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Spicemas (Grenada Carnival) 2020 Cancelled

Grenada Spicelmas Carnival 2020 Cancelled

Grenada, W.I. - Grenada, like the rest of the world, is dealing with the wide-ranging effects of Covid-19, not only on public health and the local economy but also our way of life. While great effort has been made by the local authorities to manage the spread of this disease, an event, the size and nature of our carnival, can give rise to the often-touted “second wave” of Covid-19 and further impact the lives and livelihoods of Grenadians.

It is against this backdrop that Spicemas Corporation has decided to cancel Spicemas 2020. This difficult decision was finalised after discussions with our public health officials and other stakeholders.

Spicemas Corporation is fully cognizant of the impact of this decision on our many stakeholders, but we are confident that it is indeed the right decision to safeguard public health and safety. Further, we are optimistic that the cancellation provides an extended timeframe for us to plan and execute a bigger and better Spicemas 2021. We look forward to your eager support and wholehearted involvement in making Spicemas 2021, the biggest and best ever.

As we all work together to flatten the curve and banish this disease from our country and region, we urge all our stakeholders and supporters to follow the measures which have been recommended so that we can quickly recover and continue building a safe, strong and resilient Grenada.

issued by

Office of Chief Executive Officer

Spicemas Corporation

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