Pan Trinbago Treasurer Gerard Mendez Breaks Silence - Lies, More Lies & Damn Lies

Open letter to the Pan Fraternity and the National Community

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - While Sandra Blood of the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper is “used” to painting a rosy picture of Pan Trinbago, on the other hand there exists a dark side in the Board room of Pan Trinbago, characterized by division, deceit and cronyism.

Evidence of this division became stark reality with the recent resignation of the Vice President Carlan Harewood, with more to follow, and the barring of two other elected Board members from a recent ZOOM Emergency Board Meeting held on Monday 9th August, 2021.

In Blood’s latest attempt in the Guardian to glorify the Pan Trinbago President in her article titled “The Pan President” of Saturday 31st July 2021, she wrote “Pan Trinbago was able to secure a new accommodation at 37 Duke Street West with Ramsey-Moore successfully negotiating first year rent-free occupancy”. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Lies... Damn Lies... The truth is that the Duke Street Headquarters of Pan Trinbago was secured through the efforts of mainly Dane Gulston, together with Gerard Mendez and Carlan Harewood. In fact the President was not present, and had no involvement in the successful negotiations that secured the accommodation of the Pan Trinbago head office. At that time, the President was at her home in Tobago.

Mr. Israel Khan, the proprietor of the building, agreed to allow Pan Trinbago to occupy the building for eighteen months rent free, and not twelve months as was stated. The reasons given by Mr. Khan were: (1) He was in awe at not only Dane Gulston’s presence in his office, but was also very impressed by his talent and mastery of the Tenor pan, and Dane’s dedication and contribution to the nation’s culture. In turn, Mr. Khan saw his gesture as a way to also make his contribution to the nation’s culture.

(2) Mr. Khan acknowledged that we (Pan Trinbago) will have to spend a significant amount of money to make the building habitable.

Gerard Mendez
Gerard Mendez

After the rent-free period of eighteen months, it was Dane Gulston and Gerard Mendez who again went back to Mr. Khan and negotiated, and again was successful in convincing Mr. Khan to fix the rent at only half the market rate, which is what was initially intended. It is important that these facts be known so that the membership is not fooled.

I do not understand how the president, a self-professed paragon of virtue and honesty could tell such blatant lies. Or is it a misprint? I do not understand also how the other members of the Central Executive who know the truth could acquiesce or remain silent in the face of such fabrications. But then again, Elections are coming.

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