Pan Trinbago Vice President Carlan Harewood Resigns

Letter of Resignation

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.

August 3rd, 2021

The President of Pan Trinbago

Mrs. Beverly Ramsey-Moore

This letter is to inform you of my decision to resign from my duly elected position as Vice President (subsequently reassigned by you to the portfolio of Assistant Secretary), of the Central Executive of Pan Trinbago, effective August  3rd, 2021. This decision was long overdue, recognizing that the breakdown and fragmentation of our team under your leadership began some time ago. You may recall that from the onset of our administration, as the winning team we all committed to the virtues of trust, honesty, integrity, and transparency.

As the leader of our team, we looked to you to espouse the virtues listed above, and to do everything possible to keep our team unified, notwithstanding the catastrophe that brought down the previous administration. The executive team that came into office under your leadership is no more. The first casualty, Sandra Awai, left your administration shortly after taking office, after experiencing humiliation, disrespect and isolation all orchestrated by your leadership.

The ongoing chaos resulting from your high-handed “Trump” style of leadership created a toxic and hostile work environment, which you sought to manage by shifting around elected members of your team under the guise of changing their portfolios. These actions severely damaged the morale of the most experienced, competent, and loyal members of the executive committee.

Furthermore, your blatant acts of favouritism and total disregard for adhering to the principles of the constitution of the organization have left the executive team in a constant state of turmoil. Coupled with your failure to competently manage your team, you chose to go on a rampage by disparaging members of your executive, spreading falsehoods and blatant lies in an attempt to cover up your many shortcomings as a leader. This can also attest to you why you had to resign from the THA, an explanation for which we were never afforded (the Pan Fraternity awaits your explanation).

Madam President, even before it got to this terrible state of affairs and being mindful that your legacy as President of Pan Trinbago is forever tarnished with you being described as the worst president yet in the history of the organization, there were many attempts made to caution you about your misdeeds. Instead of taking wise counsel from members who genuinely sought to assist you and protect the image of the organization, you felt it necessary to consolidate your power by any means necessary. Your dictatorial style has only served to insulate you from ever having to face your leadership failures as you surround yourself only with sycophants who are too fearful to give any honest feedback on your poor decision-making instances of which are too lengthy to enumerate. I, for one refuse to sit idly by less the truth of your many misdeeds becomes public and I am tarred with the same brush.

Carlan Harewood
Carlan Harewood

My decision to step aside at this time is being done with a heavy heart. I can no longer remain part of an administration that has failed, and where my skills and abilities are not valued. Having served under these difficult times and with an unshakable resolve to work towards improving our organization, moving on at this time is the right decision.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the executive committee and all members of the pan fraternity for electing and supporting me during my tenure. I have worked tirelessly for more than two decades to enrich the pan fraternity at great personal and financial expense to myself, not merely for financial benefit but for my deep and unwavering love of steelpan and the community borne from it.


Carlan Harewood
Vice President Elect

c.c.  The Secretary of Pan Trinbago
         Ms. Denise L.J. Hernandez

Carlan Harewood resignation letter - pg 1

Carlan Harewood resignation letter - pg 2

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