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HADCO Phase II welcomes Government’s announcement for re-opening of the Entertainment Sector

phase II pan groove

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Although there has been no definitive word from major stakeholders regarding plans for this country’s annual carnival festivities in 2022, band leader for HADCO Phase II Pan Groove, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and his team continue to work diligently to ensure that they are ready to adapt seamlessly to any perceived changes. In fact, following Government’s recent announcement of plans to re-open the entertainment sector on a phased basis within the next few weeks, the band confirms that a number of health and safety protocols have already been established to welcome musicians and supporters back to the pan yard, in a controlled environment.

Fully vaccinated and raring to go!
Fully vaccinated and raring to go! Dr. Len “Boogsie” Sharpe (print shirt) interacts with some of the band’s stage side musicians during a closed practice session.

According to Sharpe, although its membership has not resumed full stage side rehearsals since May 2021, the time has been used productively, resulting in strategic focus being placed on infrastructural works and maintenance of the band’s compound. Such efforts are in sync with the public’s expectations for quality from HADCO Group of Companies and provided meaningful short-term employment for those involved. Improvements included the installation of additional sinks for the washing of hands, the widening of the general practice area for social distancing, as well as, welding repair works. Additionally, a mandatory face mask policy continues to be in effect for all musicians, service providers and visitors, while hand sanitizers have been placed at various points for use.

Dr. Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and representatives of HADCO Group of Companies
Dr. Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and representatives of HADCO Group of Companies during recent discussions.

The band’s captain, Terry Bernard, further shared that preparations for adjusting to the new normal also included informing and educating its membership about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccinations, as a means of combating the negative impacts of the global pandemic. He confirmed that to date, approximately ninety-two (92%) of its stage side has been inoculated, since many have come to appreciate the importance of being fully immunized, to be able to resume rehearsals and public activities.

Repair works to HADCO Phase II Pan Groove’s racks and stands are sixty per cent completed.
Repair work to Phase II Pan Groove’s racks and stands are sixty per cent completed.

A hybrid approach to business continuity is also being undertaken as part of HADCO Phase II Pan Groove’s commitment to keeping the music alive. Therefore, while attention is being given to the adherence of all health protocols, another team is engaged in a review of its operations and digital assets. Of the latter, Sharpe believes that it is inevitable given the influence of the pandemic on travel and daily life. He also insisted that the band will always pursue avenues that allows it to inspire and demonstrate love, respect and care for its community because HADCO Phase II Pan Groove is first and foremost about family.

From the News Desk of HADCO Phase II Pan Groove

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