Scholar, educator, administrator and panist Nestor Sullivan has passed

The end of an era

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. Scholar, educator, administrator and panist Nestor Sullivan passed on Saturday April 2, 2022.  He was born in San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago. He attended the St. Joseph Boys’ R.C. School, and later went on to attend St. Mary’s College, and subsequently Teacher’s Training College. At the tertiary level he obtained a Master of Arts in Carnival Studies at The University of Trinidad and Tobago - where his final research paper focused on ‘The Steelband Movement in Trinidad and Tobago: Fundamentals for Its Further Development’.

Mr. Sullivan was known locally, regionally and internationally for his expertise in steel pan. He played with the Finland Steel Orchestra (San Juan), Sky Chiefs Steel Orchestra (Belmont), Pamberi Steel Orchestra (San Juan), Mangrove Steel Orchestra (London), Pan Rebels (New York), Calypsociation (Paris) and Pan Ramajay (Paris). His passion and dedication to pan led him to leadership positions in several organisations including: captain and manager of the Pamberi Steel Orchestra, and the Operations Manager of the Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Orchestra (TTNSO). Moreover, he has extensive experience in Pan Trinbago where he served as the Chairman (Eastern Region), Public Relations Officer (Central Executive) and Vice President (Central Executive).

Mr. Sullivan has also been a keen contributor to the training of the younger generation of Steel Pan Players and Tuners. He served as a lecturer on the history of Steelband in the Advanced Pan Tuning Programme – a collaborative project between UTT and MIC. He presented at numerous conferences and seminars at Universities and Institutions in Europe, North America, Asia and the Caribbean. He was also a founding member of the Pan in Schools Coordinating Council (PSCC), Trinidad and Tobago.

Nestor Sullivan
Nestor Sullivan

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