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New York J’Ouvert 2022: “Rejuvenate! Breaking The Chain & Embracing The Movement”

J’Ouvert 2022 Route

Press Release

Brooklyn, New York, USA - “At this time last year, we promised that J’Ouvert was going to come back bigger and better in 2022. I am pleased to announce as officers and members of J’Ouvert City International we are poised to deliver on this promise come Labor Day morning September 5th. Our 2022 J’Ouvert Parade is once again on the calendar and the plans and activities surrounding the event are motivating. We, as well as our many participants and patrons are excited that with the 38th edition of the pre-dawn masquerade parade we are about to showcase our culture after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19. When we took the painstaking decision to cancel the parade for the past two years we did so with the utmost responsibility and concern for the health and wellbeing of all and sundry.

“But just as we have been throughout the lifespan of J’Ouvert City International we take the personal safety of spectators and revelers as a critical part of our mandate in staging a celebration of this magnitude. Therefore, we are pleased to have resumed our strategic planning sessions with all the stakeholders, City of New York Administration, New York Police Department, Mayor Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso and other Elected Officials in crafting purposeful plans to ensure a safe and incident-free parade.

J’Ouvert in New York
J’Ouvert in New York

“J’Ouvert parade has been part of the City’s Cultural fabric during the Labor Day season, and our financial contributions have helped to boost New York City’s economy in excess of a billion dollars. As customary, the official parade route is Grand Army Plaza & Flatbush Ave to Empire Blvd and ends at Nostrand Avenue and Midwood Road from 6:00 – 11:00 a.m. This will be our safe corridor during those hours, and we say this in a preemptive rejection of any attempt to attach anti-social behavior in other parts and times in the city to the J’Ouvert parade. However, as always vigilance is the key, therefore, we plan to be so more than ever as we embrace our spectacular 2022 Theatre of the Streets celebration” says Yvette Rennie, President of J’Ouvert City International, Inc.

New York 2022 J’Ouvert route
New York 2022 J’Ouvert route

“J’Ouvert City International, Inc. along with its affiliated organizations which consist of Steel Orchestras, Masquerade groups and Rhythm bands, is proud to announce that we are kicking off our celebration by honoring twenty-five individuals consist of elected officials and concerned members of our community who have worked tirelessly alongside us and behind the scenes to ensure that our culture is maintained, recognized, and respected.  The 2022 Grand Marshal “Cultural Ambassador” will be honored at the J’Ouvert Labor Day morning celebration.” 

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Press Release from:
J’Ouvert City International
Yvette Rennie - President
1 (718) 636-8029

J’Ouvert City International, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which has been in existence for the past 38 years in the New York Tri-State area. Our organization’s goals are the maintaining and preserving of Caribbean Culture, Indigenous Art Forms and Heritage. Programs are designed to educate and teach all people about the origin and history of our culture. Also, the importance of merging cultures from diverse backgrounds which will be beneficial to all children in the communities.

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