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Pan and Carnival on D Runway during NYC’s Fashion Week

Mum and Me Productions aims to bring vibrant energy - Earl Brooks, Jr. featured

New York, USA - For those not in Trinidad and Tobago to have a taste of Pan and Carnival for 2024, there is that opportunity to have both, if you are in New York come Saturday February 10.  Happening during New York’s Fashion Week, on the calendar is Pan with fashion and flair at one of the city’s premiere event venues - the Triangle Loft, 5th floor, at 675 Hudson Street in New York city. 

Panist Earl Brooks, Jr.
Panist Earl Brooks, Jr.

Pan and Carnival on D Runway is presented by Mum and Me Productions (in the persons of talented mother-daughter duo Mum Laura and daughter Jolanta Kissoon Young). It is “a one of a kind Caribbean Mas band fashion show;” Jolanta issued the invitation “Join us in making history, bringing the vibrant energy of Trinidad and Tobago's Steel Pan and Carnival traditions to the heart of New York Fashion Week!”

Designed as a multi-level celebration of culture, fashion and music - attendees will be immersed in a total package that includes Moko Jumbies, the illustrious Pan soloist Earl Brooks, Jr., Carnival costumes and more. A fashion photographer in her own right and much involved further a field in media and communications, Jolanta lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and is the great niece of the late celebrated Trinbagonian playwright Freddie Kissoon.

Pan and Carnival on D Runway is part of The Fashion Life Tour (TFL) New York ‘24 Tour stop, being held at The Triangle Loft.  The overall event begins 1:00 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time) with the Pan and Carnival on D Runway segment taking the spotlight at 5:00 p.m. EST.

Experience this event - get your tickets here.

Pan and Carnival on D Runway during NYC’s Fashion Week

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