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December 2008
The Year 2008 in Pan - a When Steel Talks Review
History-Making Steelband Arranger André White - In the Spotlight
Happy Holidays - Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year!
CSI – Overcoming the Barriers with Steelband Music!
“D Trini Way” sung by Destra Garcia - composed by Mark Loquan & Ken “Professor” Philmore - Tune for Panorama 2009
“Dangerous” sung by Colin Lucas/Anselm Douglas - composed by Mark Loquan & Ken “Professor” Philmore - Tune for Panorama 2009  
Steelband Music Video of the Week TCL Skiffle Bunch
Antigua & Barbuda’s Khan Cordice in the Spotlight
Dudley, Steelpan Innovator, Scores Again
BAS FDF Calypsteel Winter Lime
Antigua & Barbuda’s Prime Minister speaks on the Moods of Pan 2008 Steelpan Music Festival - and on Barack Obama
‘We Eh Leavin’ by Martin “Andy” Sheafe - Tune for Panorama 2009
25-A-Side Features The Best in Antigua & Barbuda’s Steel Orchestra Industry
Letter to Pan Trinbago from Ministry of Culture - Proposed launch of the "National Youth Steel Orchestra"
The British Association of Steelbands Awards 10th anniversary
25-A-Side in full Video Review
‘Pan Rivalry’ by Leon Edwards - Tune for Panorama 2009
TCL Skiffle Bunch Star at Moods of Pan Festival 2008
David Rudder continues His Tribute to Pan, Calypso and Culture
Ralph MacDonald, Robert Greenidge & Friends Drop Magic on MOP Festival
The Genius of Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe - Moods of Pan 2008
Five Alive Showdown at the Deanery Grounds
Cool & Smooth 25-A-Side Launches New Era - National Youth Orchestra takes crown, Panache comes in second
National Steelband Music Festival – Pan Is Beautiful XI 2008 Results
November 2008
And The Youths Shall Lead… National Youth Pan Orchestra Triumphs - Yes We “KHAN!!”
Antiguan Pan Festival the Best in the Caribbean Region? No doubt!!
The Great One Remembered: Master Arranger Clive Bradley
Single Pan Ensemble Results – Pan Is Beautiful XI
Trinival: Carnival of the Gods
bp Renegades Steel Orchestra sweeps the field
Silver Stars Steel Orchestra’s Parang and Steel Concert
Special edition of Silver Stars Steel Orchestra’s Parang and Steel Concert
Monster Lineup Set for Antigua & Barbuda’s Tenth Annual Moods of Pan festival
Southern Marines Steelband Foundation’s Eighth Annual ‘Talent Expression’ heads to Grand Final
Antigua & Barbuda Steelpan Icon, Leroy “Jughead” Gordon, Passes Away at 61
Is Antiguan Pan Ready to Rebound?
From Bamboo Patch to Buckingham Palace with Sterling Betancourt - Vignettes of Pan History
Pan In London - Coming into Sharper Focus in ’86
“Rocketman” sung by Crazy - composed by Ray Holman
Toward Standardized Pans - Pan Magazine
Pan Trinbago Congratulates Dr. Leroy Calliste
2nd Anthony Williams Awards Ceremony & President’s Ball
‘Brazilian Flagwoman’ sung by Anselm Douglas - 2009 Panorama tune composed by Mark Loquan & Amrit Samaroo

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October 2008
The Thwaites and Esperanza Spalding hook up via Steelpan
Happy Birthday, Boogsie - Steelpan Great turns 55
Moving Up with Dereck “Chiney” Ayum
Boogsie Sharpe: The Legend
Lord Kitchener and Pan Music Have A Thing Going
Invaders Steel Orchestra Celebrates the Steelpan Artform with Trinidad All Stars and Exodus
Court Rules in Favor of J’Ouvert City International
Scipio Sargeant, well known Steelpan Arranger & Guitarist, ill
'Pan Wisdom' sung by “Crazy” - 2009 Panorama tune composed by Phil Hawkins
Southern Marines Steelband Foundation Hosts Auditions for Eighth Annual ‘Talent Expression
Steelband Music Video of the Week - Pantonic & Clive Bradley - Stranger

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September 2008
CASYM Assembles “Think Tank” to Look to the Future
D’Radoes captain and leader on the mend after heart scare
Report Card - Pan in New York - Grades A to Z
New York Steelband Panorama 2008 - In Pictures
One More Play - New York Panorama 2008
Pan Podium Magazine On The Pulse of Pan in the UK
Pan in New York 2008 - the Yard Recordings
Death of A Desperado
J’Ouvert Nastiness Masman Disrespects Women in Public
J’Ouvert 2008 in New York - Steelbands, Pan Music & Rhythm Sections Rule the Streets
The Prime Minister and the Professor
J’Ouvert 2008 - Steelbands Rule Video
2008 Notting Hill Carnival Steel Bands Competition - Results

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August 2008
André White makes History with ‘Heat’ and ADLIB Steel Orchestra
ADLIB Wins New York 2008 Panorama - Results
Anthony Williams will be inducted into Pan Trinbago’s Hall of Fame
Grenada Panorama Results 2008 - Senior Competition
England’s 31st Annual Panorama - 2008 ‘CHAMPIONS OF STEEL’ Competition - RESULTS!
ITV Local London is the Official Online Channel to the Notting Hill Carnival 2008
What the Bands are Playing and Who’s Arranging for New York Panorama 2008
Pan Alive, but Judging on Life Support
CSI Community Steelband captures CAPCA/BAS 2K8 Junior Panorama title
Pan Prodigy Lands in Italy
Steelpan Instrument Captivates Taiwan Students
New York Steelpan Enthusiasts Turn Out Big Time for Sonatas Launch
Utopia Pan Soul: the Next Generation Delivers a Great Day for Steelpan
Pan Trinbago Celebrates Anthony Williams… the absolute genius
Pan Is Beautiful XI to be held in November 2008

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July 2008
Salah Steel Academy Wins Second Consecutive Steelband Music Title
Commancheros Juniors Retain Title
Halcyon Steel Orchestra Wins Antigua & Barbuda 2008 National Panorama Title
Liam Coins Next Track after First-born - Steelpan music standout speaks about the instrument
Pantonic New York Steelband Launch
Chief of Steelband in Nigeria - Bowie Sonnie Bowei receives Chieftain Titles
‘Ladies Night’ features aspiring UK female pannists
Laventille Steelband Festival Parade 2008
Lucky Seven! Diamond Steel Orchestra cops 7th St. Lucia Panorama Title in Eleven Years
J’Ouvert’s Presentation of Awards and Trophies
St. Lucia Panorama - Bands, Arrangers and Tunes for 2008
St. Vincent & Grenadines 2008 panorama results
Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - New York Steelband Contingent in need of Time Management - The 2008 Harbor View Festival
The Doc, The Hammer and the Shoe Box - A Prime Minister and a steelband legend build an alliance to benefit pan and a community
Pan Trinbago Platform Plan
The ‘Not Ready for Prime Time’ Players - Trinidad government “not very serious about culture”
The Unending Travail of Trinidad & Tobago’s National Instrument - the Steelpan

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June 2008
In the Mirror of Violence The Bloody Art of Longtime Badjohns
Hell's Gate Steelband Music Video of the Week
Brooklyn’s King Plaza Mall - Pan–Perfect
‘Terrorist Steelband’ sets up Community Group Steelband
Ivory And Steel - How a dragon and a butterfly made it historic
Steelband Music Video of the Week - New Dimension performing Poets and Peasants Overture
When Steel Talks on Facebook - Check out our Facebook profile
Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra Stays The Course
Leon “Foster” Thomas - Now in a ‘Class of His Own’
Pan in the 21st Century Finals 2008 has been released on DVD
Ebony, Eclipse and Jenny Gilberg Victorious at Pan Explosion 2K8
Codrington 5 the Undisputed 5Ah Side Steelpan champions
Navajo Nation Youth Perform with the Steelpan at Smithsonian
Ice Water Warms Panama with Steelpan
Tribute to Crawl - From the Heart About Desperadoes Steelpan Great
Desperadoes Steelpan Bassist Great, Frank “Crawl” Findley Killed in Car Crash
Caribbean Music Standout Pelham Goddard Celebrated with Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra at Steelband Extravaganza
PanMasters Do It Again: Memorable Weekend of Steelband Music
PanMasters Steel Orchestra 2008 Steelband Jamboree Who Was There - in pictures
PanMasters Steel Orchestra 2008 Steelband Jamboree In Pictures
Steelpan Jazz at Lincoln Center to lead off 2008 Summer Concerts with a Bang

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May 2008
PanMasters 10th Jamboree: The Beauty Of Pan – The Joy Of Family
Pan Masters’ 10th Annual Steelband Jamboree
Harmony Music Makers Steel Orchestra Perform at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher for Distinguished Concerts International New York
America's Next Top Model Wears Pan Jewelry
A Moment with Andy Narell - An Exclusive Interview
No Panorama… or Judges Jumping
Pan Trinbago did Show Resilience
Historical Steelpan Paintings
George D. Maharaj Selling His Famed Calypso Collection And Archive
Bowie - Panman with a Vision for Nigeria
Cool Steel - Pan-Scandalous!
Angel Harps to pay tribute to Clive Bradley in Panorama 2008
Pan Man to be Honored in Cuba

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April 2008
Steelpan Music Instrument Sweeping USA High School and College Campuses
Panache Steel Orchestra - Mothers’ Day and Other “Milestones”
The Business and Economics of Pan - Clark Atlanta University
Liz Mannette Designs “A Bold Pan Statement”
Cool Steel Notes Steelpan Music From All Over the World

Most Watched Steelband Music Video on the Internet

PanRadio Begins New Season
Katzenjammers Win Pan in the 21st Century 2008
When Steel Talks (WST) Expands Video Channels
Grenada Steelpan Music Festival Postponed
Professor’s Son on His Heels
Pan in the 21st Century Steel Orchestras Finalists - 2008
Pantonic Captivates Audience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sesame Flyers Deliver the Goods for Twenty–Five Years and Counting
Pan in the 21st Century
Steel Drum Band Symposium at Clark Atlanta University
Steelpan Jazz at Lincoln Center to lead off Summer Concerts with a Bang
Pan Down Memory Lane & Pan in the 21st
South Africa’s Sassy Ladies of Steel: Meet PANACEA!

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March 2008
Concert in Honor of Ellie Mannette Three Steel Bands, Andy Narell, Jeff Narell to Perform
Steel Pan Opens United Nations Observance
Grenada Steelpan Music Festival
An April Affair: Steelband Jamboree Takes Center Stage in St. Thomas, USVI
Pan In Her Blood - Young Amanda Lawrence in The Spotlight
Pan by The Bay in Pictures
Fort Young Hotel: A Stylish and Savvy Blend of the Old and the New
Baring the Soul of the Steelpan Fraternity
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February 2008
Pan Trinbago Mourns the Loss of Steelpan Pioneer and Historian Oscar Pile

St. Mary’s Academy on track with Steelpan

The Mighty Jamma and Family Visit Trinidad for Carnival 2008
Steelband Music Panorama Finals Highlights In Pictures
Panorama Finals 2008 CD
Is The War Over? What is Phase II’s Panorama Battle Cry for 2009?
Principal with a Passion for Pan
Pan Podium Magazine On The Pulse of Pan in the UK
When Action Moves Beyond Talk - Dominica Moving Ahead with Steelpan Music Program
Sweet Pan - J’Ouvert Morning and: Phase II vs All Stars
Engineer Co-founds Steelband in Washington
St. Veronicas Youth Steel Orchestra performs at the White House
Arlene Takes Pan to the Circus
Trinidad All Stars Denied Repeat Win by One Point
Exodus Forgo Canopies for 2008 Steelband Panorama Competition
Return Finals to the Savannah in 2009
Desperadoes Bring Music Back to the Panorama
Phase II Recaptures Panorama Crown - Sound Specialists of Laventille Retain Title
Watch or Listen to the 2008 Panorama in Trinidad and Tobago Live!
Panorama Results
Panorama in Pictures - The Spirit of the Pan Players Captured as Never Seen Before
Order of Appearance - Finals - Large & Medium Conventional Bands
Single Pan Final Results
Pan Elders Win Small Band Panorama Finals - LH Pan Groove Win Single Pan
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January 2008
Pan Elders Win Small Band Panorama Finals - LH Pan Groove Win Single Pan
Semi Finals Results - Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Music Panorama
Results Preliminaries Conventional Bands
Music Manufacturers Ignore Steelband Music Super Bowl
Results of Preliminaries Single Pan Bands
Preliminaries Info and Line Up
Professor Instrumental in Promoting Pan in the Diaspora
Order of appearance – North Zone Preliminaries
Order of appearance – East Zone Preliminaries TnT Panorama
Order of appearance – South Central Preliminaries TnT Panorama
Single Pan Order of Appearances - Panorama 2008 Trinidad and Tobago
Tobago Panorama Prelims - for TnT Panorama 2008
Panorama Prelims - for TnT Panorama 2008
Invaders Panorama and Carnival News
Desperadoes say the "Ten Commandments of Pan" is in order - Panorama 2008
Boogsie coming with "Vengeance" - Trinidad and Tobago Panorama 2008
Steelband History Comes Alive
Pan Inventor Claims Invention Stolen From Him
2008 TnT Panorama Music Selections
Terry Joseph - TnT Journalist Passes
When Steel Talks' Best in Pan for 2007
When Steel Talks 2007 Top 10 Steelband Music Videos of the Year
When Steel Talks Top 10 Steelband Music Videos for December 2007
Panorama Prelims Kick Off - on January 7
Schedule - Judging in the Pan Yards Panorama 2008
The “Mixty Motions” of Ralph MacDonald Revealed - The Epic Interview
Pan Trinbago Tells Media to Get Facts Straight
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