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December 2011
Remembering Ralph... by Etienne Charles
‘Twas the night before J’Ouvert....
Musical Tributes Celebrate the Life of Ralph MacDonald
Steelpan Music Concerts Chime in on the Holiday Season in New York
WITCO Desperadoes Steel Orchestra Mourns the Passing of Ralph MacDonald
Ralph MacDonald: His “Mixty Motions” Revealed - The Epic Interview
Legendary Grammy Award-winning songwriter & percussionist Ralph MacDonald has passed
Hanging with Steel Panist Extraordinaire Emmanuel “Jack” Riley
December 8, 2011 - The ‘Pan Buzz’ to date:  AWARDS
NBC’s Sing Off Christmas Special “OK” - But America is Still Singing the Afro Blues
NBC takes it where it hurts for Judges’ snafu - Panorama, take note
November 2011
The Steelband Panorama Songwriting Team, Still Going Strong
Pentatonix wins NBC’s Sing Off - We’re singing the “Afro Blues” - the Lowering of America’s Music IQ
Caribbean Music Giant Remembered: Master Arranger, Musician, Composer, Producer Clive Bradley
Sing Off’s Afro Blue experience some Panorama Blues
Another Steelband Soldier Has Fallen – the life of Cyril “Nick” Boxill
Trinidad and Tobago Chinese Steel Ensemble plays on the Peace Ark
Godfrey Camps – from Steelband Captain to Bartender
New Book Illustrates Image of Pan with Telling Stories of The Steel Band
WST Video Special - The ‘Basement Tapes’:
Clive Bradley - Pelham Goddard - The Arrangers Forum @ WST
Many Hammers, No Steel? Option in Drum Shortage Crisis for Panmen, Steelbands
October 2011
It’s Steelband Time in Nigeria with the Third Secondary Schools’ Panorama
Duvone Stewart named 2012 Panorama Arranger for Renegades Steel Orchestra
Thwaites Brothers” take the Steelpan on Tour with Nasheed Hip Hop Group “Native Deen
PDN PhotoPlus Expo - Technology, The Immediacy of Now and the Steelpan Music Movement
October 27 - The ‘Pan Buzz’ to date:  Ask “Boogsie” not “Lexo”
Remembering Lovely Latavia... Despers USA Steel Orchestra Tenor bass player
A Force within the Steelband World - Dr. Geraldine Connor - In Her Own Words
Dr. Geraldine Connor has passed
Champion Panorama Tunes of Trinidad and Tobago
Meet Iman Pascall - Steel Panist Extraordinaire - Up-close!
October 13 - The ‘Pan Buzz’ to date:  Pan Tuners in the Dark Ages
Sunshine Awards nomination for former Pan Trinbago president
Nigeria and Trinidad & Tobago set up Lagos-based Steelband Development Company
October 5 - The ‘Pan Buzz’ to date: “Happy” is ‘sad’ over Pan songs
September 2011
Lennox “Bobby” Mohammed - Champion Arranger for Guinness Cavaliers Steel Orchestra - Up-close!
Champion Arranger (Exodus Steel Orchestra) Pelham Goddard Speaks - Up close!
Jonathan Scales Comes to Brooklyn for Pantonic Steelpan Music Fall Classic Concert
Then & Now - Steelpan Mom and Daughter
Latavia Deane - A Profile in Courage - Steelpan Player Battles Cancer
Pan United part of 64th Annual BGCA National Youth Dinner Gala
Winners for New York J’Ouvert 2011
Vanessa ‘Pans’ her way to the top at Berklee College of Music - gains full scholarship
New York 2011 Steel Orchestra Panorama in REVIEW
It’s congrats to former Pan Trinbago head - Louis Patrick Arnold
Meet Andre White - Arranger for ADLIB Steel Orchestra - Up close!
Festival International de Steelpan de Montreal 2011 - Week-Ends du MONDE au parc Jean-Drapeau
Pan Trinbago cancels Pan Is Beautiful XII
We have Steelpan, We have Art, We have Music, We have High Culture - We Exist!
ADLIB & Andre White Win!   RESULTS!! New York Panorama 2011
Panorama - A New York Tradition - A WST Special to the NY Daily News Caribbeat Magazine Steelpan Music
Ten years ago, You stood up!
August 2011
August 31 - The ‘Pan Buzz’ to date: A Patriot Falls...
UK 34th Steelband Panorama 2011 - BAS Notting Hill
Meet Terrance “BJ” Marcelle - Arranger for D’Radoes Steel Orchestra - Up close!
Reading welcomes Aberdeen and New York for Notting Hill Carnival
Sonatas’ 2011 Band Launch - Good Pan Music for All
Meet Yohan Popwell - Arranger for Sonatas Steel Orchestra - Up close!
Pan Royal is in the house!
Legend Stars Steel Band in play for 2011
Meet Seion Gomez - Arranger for Metro Steel Orchestra - Up close!
Dr. Pat Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago has passed
Pan Trinbago hosts Youth Rally for Steelpan Players
Meet Leon “Foster” Thomas - Arranger for CrossFire Steel Orchestra - Up close!
August 18 - The ‘Pan Buzz’ to date: Two Pan Greats for Baltimore Comic Con 2011
New York Panorama 2011 - Arrangers, Order of Appearance and Tunes
New York Steelband Panyards information
Meet Odie Franklin - Arranger for Despers USA Steel Orchestra - Up close!
Straight Out of Louisiana - Rhythm and Blues Steel Panist Gregory Boyd - Up close!
Family, Friends and Fun at CASYM Steel Orchestra’s 2011 Band Launch
Pantonic Steel Orchestra launches off for 2011
A New York State of Mind - Steelband Launch Galore - Pantonic & CASYM NYC Music Fest Weekend
On-Time Steelband Launch - A welcome rarity
Hell’s Gate Steel Orchestra 2011 Antigua’s Panorama Champion Arranger Khan Cordice - Up-close!
Sonatas Sports Day - Mad Fun Generated by New York Steelpan Music Organizations
Sports Day & Sun with hosts Sonatas
Hell’s Gate Steel Orchestra, Khan Cordice, return to Win 2011 Antigua-Barbuda National Panorama
New York Panyards 2011
July 2011
Despers USA 2011 Band Launch in Pictures
Ron Berridge, Caribbean Music Extraordinaire speaks on the Steelpan and More
Steelpan in the Sauna - a Scorcher of a Band Launch for Despers USA
Setting the Mood - Moods Pan Groove Caribbean Food & Music Festival hits The Mark
2011 Antigua & Barbuda Panorama Selections and Steel Orchestras
2011 Grenada Junior Panorama Selections and Steel Bands
102° in the Shade - Despers USA’s Launch Raises Steelpan Music Index
Steelband Music Ambassadors down South take Pan By Storm
2011 designated the Year of the Steelpan in London, England
Launch of the Canadian Federation of Steelpan
Steelpan music culture and art reign supreme at “Saturday Evening at D Pan Yard”!
UWI Panoridim Steel Orchestra Concert ‘Simply Pan’ – Thrilling!
Mas Man Picks Up Los Angeles Award; Selected for Special Screening in London
Rhythm & Blues and Reggae Rock Despers USA Pan Loft
July 14 - The ‘Pan Buzz’ to date:  G-Pan giving me a gripe
New Dimension Steel Orchestra Captures 2011 Grenada Bomb (Popular) Tune Title
Regrello addresses Steelpan Community on Trinidad and Tobago G-pan allegations
G-Pan Musical Instrument Patent - Steelpan - Brian R. Copeland - Trinidad and Tobago
St. Margaret’s Boys’ Steel Orchestra Annual Pan Extravaganza is coming up!
Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra retains St. Vincent Panorama Title
Pan Trinbago ‘After-Work Limes’ continue
Le’Roi Simmonds, Arranger for Rising Stars Steel Orchestra, Speaks
The ‘Pan Buzz’ to date for July 1: Time for ‘Congrats’ & more
June 2011
Kim Loy Wong - Taking Pan to the Americans
Starlift Juniors & Girls High School steel orchestras take trophies in St. Vincent 2011 Junior Pan Fest
The ‘Pan Buzz’ has moved to WhenSteelTalks/PanOnTheNet!!
Grenada’s Republic Bank Angel Harps Steel Orchestra ready for Panorama 2011
Princes Town Methodist School Steelband, Grads, “Reach” Higher
Pan Trinbago ‘After-Work Limes’ Return
Small & Single Pan Bands Panorama Finals Released on DVD
Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Panorama 2012 Registration begins
Pan in De Countryside:  It’s Tobago’s Turn
Chase Manhattan Savoys - Festival 1966
Spanning the Globe - the When Steel Talks Steelpan Music Network
Conspiring To Pigeonhole Pan, and that’s Cool?
T&T and China make sweet music
‘In The Middle of a Couple of Different Worlds’
Special: When Steel Talks - Michael Jackson Celebrated in Steel
“Pan On A Higher Note” at Lord Kitchener Auditorium, NAPA
Trinidad versus Grenada Steelband Jamboree
May 2011
Contagious Sounds Celebrates the Release of Debut Albums by Composers Andy Akiho & Ryan Francis, & Bang on a Can Pianist Vicky Chow
Jazz on Pan Thoughts from Panman Garvin Blake
Grenada’s “Angel Harps Steel Orchestra” in the Spotlight
Jazz on Pan a Noteworthy Brooklyn First
Steelpan phenom Liam Teague delights audience in first UK appearance
No Pan in the 21st Century/Pan Down Memory Lane for 2011
David Maunday, veteran North Stars Steelpan Musician Speaks
Miami University Steel Band hosts PanFest 2011 with 150 Steelpan Musicians
Trinbago Veteran TV & Cultural Personality & Desperadoes Steel Orchestra
 supporter Allyson Hennessy passes
‘Children You Must Love Your Mother’ - Steelpan Tribute to MOM on Her Day
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Steelpan & Steelband Music Moms all over the world!
Andrew Morrison’s interest in the Physics of the Steelpan Instrument
April 2011
ROBERT GREENIDGE - In His Own Words... A When Steel Talks Exclusive
The Great One in the Spotlight - Revisited
Panorama champions Trinidad All Stars and Pan Trinbago slam Guardian article:
“That’s a blatant lie...” says Pan Trinbago
Ace Panists Freddie Harris, III & Mustafa Alexander light up the Kemah Pan Jam Festival
An Evening of Steelpan in New York at NYU
Meet Dr. Jonathan Haas - Director of the NYU Steinhardt Percussion Program
Deconstructing the Steel Band Panorama Format - Panel Discussion
Pan in the Park as NYU Steel plays in NY’s Washington Square Park
NIU and Miami University (Ohio) Steelbands rock the house in concert
Composer Andy Akiho continues music journey with Steelpan, Percussion & more
NYU Steel Drum Ensemble plans to ‘STEEL’ Washington Square Park and Frederick Loewe Theatre
Out of pain this culture was born - The Steelband of Trinidad & Tobago
A Not-So-Brief History of the United States Navy Steel Band
Dr. Michael Bump Got it Right - the experience of the Steelband Panyard
Pazazz, a Pan Jazz escapade - is It!
“Hello Houston - We Have A Problem” – Brooklyn Steelband Takes Over MIT - Again!
UA Steelband 2011 Spring Concert - “The Carnival is We”
The Original DeFosto Himself Speaks - A When Steel Talks Exclusive
NIU Steelband 2011 Spring Concert
March 2011
Emmanuel Riley - Pan Tuner and Renowned Pan Soloist Revisited
The Dr., the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper, and unauthorized “borrowing”
“In The Rainforest” – An Unforgettable Steelband Experience
Do something for Pan and get EDUCATED!
Veteran Arranger Pelham Goddard Speaks to the “Insanity” of Panorama Judging
Steel Pan Blueprint For Success - (Rough Draft Edit)
Jomo Wahtuse gets Guinness World Record for Largest Steelpan - Jomoline
Symposium to Examine Carnival’s Creative and Commercial Inputs
More Panorama 2011 Notes by Dalton Narine
It’s ‘Pan in de countryside’ says Pan Trinbago
Observations about Panorama 2011
Death of a Panman
Showtime at the Savannah! - A WST Review of Trinidad and Tobago's Panorama 2011
An Inside View of the Small Band Panorama Season 2011
Panorama 2011 - A Review by Dalton Narine
PanGanG: From Pan-kultur to Calypsonic
Carnival Tuesday and Steelpan!
J’Ouvert in Trinidad
Panorama Notes - Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011
Results Are In! Congratulations again to Trinidad All Stars, Katzenjammers & Valley Harps...
San Juan East Side Symphony - 2011 Single Pan Bands Champions
Arima Golden Symphony - 2011 Small Conventional Band Panorama Champions
Conventional Steel Orchestra Finals:  Order of Appearance - Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011
My Take on Panorama 2011
Katzenjammers and Hope Pan Groovers rule Tobago Panorama for 2011 - Results!
Police intimidation of Southern Marines Steel band Foundation in Trinidad & Tobago - the “Home of Pan”?
Single Pan Order of Appearance - Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011
An Opportunity Missed - Junior Panorama 2011
Steelpan Music Composer and Panorama Arranger Amrit Samaroo is doing just “PHIne”
February 2011
Panorama - Finals Week - “I like the way Trinis talk....cook....walk” -  Eric Mannweiler reports on his 2011 steelband panorama experiences
Single-Pan Band Finalists: Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011
An Insider’s Review of What Inspired the Creation of Panorama - Pan Symposium
Where is the Junior Panorama? Zero coverage!! Outrageous! Who is responsible?
Junior Panorama finals:  Order of Appearance
Thoughts on the Panorama - Pan Symposium
The Business of Panorama - Pan Symposium
Panorama’s Ill-Advised Drift Away From Carnival - Pan Symposium
The Steelpan Revolution will be Televised - And Then Again Maybe Not...
Semi-finals Results: Conventional Steel Orchestras - Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2011
Junior Panorama kicks off for the Trinidad & Tobago 2011 Panorama season
Steelband Music Panorama: Semi-finals Order of Appearance - 2011
Steelband Music Panorama Preliminary Round Results  - 2011
Esperanza Spalding takes home the Grammy for Best New Artist
North Region Small & Medium Conventional Steel Orchestras: Preliminary Order of Appearance - Trinidad & Tobago 2011 Panorama
Journalist Keith Smith has Passed
Single Pan Band Preliminary Results: North Region Trinidad & Tobago 2011 Panorama
Single Pan Band Preliminary Results: South/Central Region Trinidad & Tobago 2011 Panorama
Single Pan Band Preliminary Results: Eastern Region & Tobago Region Trinidad & Tobago 2011 Panorama
Steel Pan History, UWI & Woodbrook Playboyz - Eric Mannweiler reports on his 2011 steelband panorama experiences
Dedicate Panorama 2011 to Those Lives Lost Steelpan Music Community in Crisis
Bake & Shark, Bake & Shark, Bake & Shark! Eric Mannweiler reports on his 2011 steelband panorama experiences
What is a Pan Tune?
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January 2011
Comments on the Panorama Rules 2011
Renegades Steel Orchestra Off to Folle Journee Festival in France  
Symposium to Examine Steel Band Panorama Format  
Steelpan folks are as mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore!
Rules and Regulations for T&T Panorama 2011
UK Pan Tuners appoints Executives
Visitors Fees and Registration for Panorama 2011
Eric Mannweiler reports on his 2011 steelband panorama experiences
Pan Tunes A Big Internet Hit for 2011
Amongst Public Outcry - Pan Trinbago Drops "Lyrics" 5.0 Rule for Panorama
Large Bands 2011 Lineup and Schedule for Panorama 2011
Free Entrance to "Drag" area for Steelband Trinidad and Tobago's Panorama 2011
Pan Community Launches High Tech Protest - Calls Out Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister
Pan Tunes Rocking the Internet... The Love Affair and Fantastic Journey Continue Unabashed
Pan People Mobilize for Action as Global Steelpan Community Watches Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Conflict
Pan Trinbago States its Position on Panorama 2011 - Demands Apology From Minister