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Memorable Moments in MOP’s Five-A-Side Steelband Competition

Five-A-Side - In Pictures

Moods of Pan 2008 

Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - The ‘Five-A-Side’ competition - a favorite element of the annual Moods of Pan (MOP) steelband festival - did not field in 2008 the plethora of participants as in the past.  But the crowd on hand (pictured) undeniably had a very full evening of great music and overall entertainment dished out not only by the eventual two Five-A-Side competitors, Musical Youth and Golden Hands, but also the invited artistes.

Moods of Pan is hosted by one of Antigua & Barbuda’s most noted music organizations, Gemonites Steel Orchestra.  The organizers had received a commitment from as many as nine groups, each featuring five steelband musicians eagerly vying for bragging rights in the second of the three nights’ events, within the simultaneously humorous and musical atmosphere that was the Five-A-Side competition.  At stake was USD $2,008.00 for the winner, and USD $208.00 for the group bringing up the rear.

Pictured left to right - are Five-A-Side adjudicators Vere E.B. Henry, Victor Prescod, and Julien Lawrence

The event had been created by Gemonites years ago to foster camaraderie, role-playing in the form of a skit and comic relief right alongside skilled musical ability; the camaraderie and comic elements thoughtfully highlighted to alleviate the sometimes all-to-intense character of a straight competition format.  And this segment of Moods of Pan (the festival itself now in its tenth year), had become enshrined as a crowd favorite.

Though so many competitors were inexplicably ‘no-shows’ - a recurrence the organizers would be wisely advised to be prepared to defuse should they decide to include this facet in 2009 - the scintillating performances put on both by one of pan’s premiere concert orchestras, Skiffle Bunch (who were in top form), and headline act David Rudder with his band, still made the event a memorable night.

Master of Ceremonies Carl ‘The Panman’ Richards did justice to his task, entertaining the audience at various points, such as when he caught world-renowned percussionist Ralph MacDonald off-guard and cajoled him stageside for a few minutes.  But with the addition of famed comedian - the irrepressible Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall - the crowd was given over to sheer mirth time and again between respective acts.

David Rudder is now a veteran performer who assumes the stage with nonchalant aplomb, and harbors no concerns about being upstaged by beautiful young women.  In fact, Rudder decided that the audience should delight in the scene that literally filled his eyes from the stage, and invited an impulsive trio of Antiguan beauties (pictured) to join him.  Directing the actions of his impromptu “chorus line,” Rudder elicited dance sequences and individual accompaniment from each enthusiastic young woman.

Each night of the Moods of Pan events also brings out a string of notables, some of whom play pivotal roles connected with the staging of the event, and others who themselves appear in the spotlight during the weekend of performances.  Included in this group are world-class pan tuner Bertrand “Birch” Kellman; Grammy-nominated trumpeter Etienne Charles, and part of the celebrated Skiffle Bunch’s crack management team, Junia Regrello  - to name a few.

Though without a doubt the audience looked forward - and justifiably so - to an evening that was more focused on the always-entertaining Five-A-Side competitors, it is irrefutable that they were very pleased when the evening’s acts delivered stellar performances all round.  Eventual Five-A-Side winners for the third consecutive year - Trinidad & Tobago-based Golden Hands, Musical Youth, Skiffle Bunch, talented comedian Sprangalang, and of course David Rudder garnered well-deserved applause during the evening.


Five-A-Side - In Pictures

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Moods of Pan 2008   

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