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TCL Skiffle Bunch Star
at Moods of Pan Festival 2008

 Trinidad and Tobago steel orchestra features ‘Black Stalin’ at Antiguan Fest

Moods of Pan 2008 

“Skiffle Bunch may never win a panorama... and never really [be] appreciated for what they are... if you’re talking about the six best in Trinidad and Tobago we are right there with them... and if you’re talking about the three best, baring panorama music - no one can touch us”   - Junia Regrello - Management Team, TCL Skiffle Bunch

Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - Do not let the name fool you - hailing from Trinidad and Tobago TCL Skiffle Bunch is one of the world’s top steel orchestras.  And the audience of Gemonites’ Moods of Pan 2008 held in Antigua found that out first hand.  Indeed, it is a Moods of Pan tradition to feature at least one world-class steel orchestra every year.

Skiffle Bunch playing at Moods of Pan Festival 2008

Over the years When Steel Talks has had the pleasure of covering TCL Skiffle Bunch on various occasions, in countries and varying circumstances.  Each time Skiffle gave commanding performances that left event attendees in admiration.  Skiffle Bunch represents the consummate professional steel orchestra on and off the stage.

When Steel Talks was able to take in performances by Skiffle Bunch on three separate occasions on this 2008 Moods of Pan trip.  Each occasion provided us with an opportunity see the full flexibility and total music versatility of the orchestra.

The group preformed as the opening act to the ‘Five Alive’ competition and then again as the closing act for the festival’s final night "Another Side of Pan."  Both performances were outstanding.  Sandwiched in between these presentations was a performance for the Jolly Beach Resort that left many of the resort patrons with jaws dropped by the level of musicality they were hearing.

Skiffle Bunch thrills the audience at Moods of Pan 2008
- Another Side of Pan

The closing night performance provided an extra surprise as the calypso standout "Black Stalin" joined Skiffle Bunch as they performed many of the icon’s greatest hits.

The orchestra’s crew is quite a young and fun ‘bunch’ - a pleasure to watch while performing and enjoying  themselves.  No doubt Skiffle Bunch’s name will be added the long list of great performances at the festival over the years.

The group’s set included a varied repertoire that covered material and musical genres that were way beyond the age of this youthful steel orchestra.  Each song was delivered with amazing certainty while simultaneously showcasing the full range of Skiffle’s musicality.

Finally, the key member of the group’s management team, Mr. Junia Regrello, must be commended for having the foresight and commitment to youth development.  Skiffle Bunch’s success over the years is directly related to the excellence, continuity and vision that Mr. Regrello has provided throughout their existence.

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Moods of Pan 2008   

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