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Dalton Narine

Dalton Narine


by Dalton Narine and Dr. Frances

© 2019 -  All Rights Reserved.

Renegades on stage - Panorama 2019

Flowers bloom and die and bloom again. And thus was the Panorama reborn Saturday night, ten medium and ten large bands swaddled in a labor of love - the beauty of the music inside the bands, much like the interior of a European concert hall or the Vatican, especially the Vatican. The quadrophonics and four pans nestled within the heart of each orchestra while supplying the family tree with the nutrients for victory.



Narine: Wait till you see Renegades perform Hooken Meh. This very well could be the tightest RAMA ever. They sounded great. Clean, powerful, good arrangement

Dr. Frances: Renegades will be hard to beat but we have to see what else is coming. I didnít like Despersí ending. Sounded very abrupt. Yes, Renegades will be hard to beat, the beginning skit. The whole performance was well done. Smooth and seamless. The wedding scene at the end helped to pull it off. Clever.

And the Stalin song, I mean, ďwe could make it if we try.Ē

Renegades did it right.

Narine: Theyíll definitely be in the top tier.

Renegades Steel Orchestra performs  Hookin' Meh at the  Trinidad and Tobago National Large Bands 2019 Panorama



Narine: The richness of the music, the trendy Iron of Jouvert, the bongos, the thoroughness of the arrangement. All of that and more -- the song itself -- bollixed up in the sexy adornment of the Jouvert mas as well as the usual Tuesday showdown on the road.

Dr. Frances: The competition is keenly open. What do you think? Itís Renegades to lose, which will be difficult. Theyíre so far ahead

Arranger Clive Zanda gravitated from the Drag a long time ago when he chaperoned Siparia Deltones to big up the band on stage, then winds up deep into a love story that caresses us in a Holywoodian sense we'd never envisaged.

It's gonna be like grass in the 1960s, Despersí RAMA. Thatís what popped into my head when the band performed.

Despers opens the song at a fast pace, the fastest so far of the season. Some players sport khaki outfits, others red.

Smoke mushrooms from stateside. The band announces a key change. Are we hearing the iron ringing loud and clear?

Arranger Clive Zanda incites the frontline. The basses come up loud and clear.

A fount of sparks shoot at the sky, and the irons, now pacing to a perky beat, rein like fireworks.

Fire in the works.

Narine: I see a fall back in Despersí music. Not to worry. They are always a band in play.

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra performs  Iron Love at the  Trinidad and Tobago National Large Bands 2019 Panorama


Dr. Frances: Another wedding


Dr. Frances: I enjoyed Phase II. I like the arrangement, the excitement. The song itself has power and rhythm. Then comes Boosieís own madness. He could make the Top two.


Dr. Frances: It is one of the more productive bands, so you have to take their word, their music, which can reach the sky.

Narine: Or stay grounded in a rag storm full of raindrops of notes that swirl around the Savannah stage as well as in your head. Itís as if you were force-fed all those notes within a time frame of eight minutes. Though it works for the band and its supporters.

Dr. Frances: always has such a nice, clean sound even at high speeds. I love that about them. This arrangement was enjoyable and a lot to listen to and see them execute. Itís not an arrangement that the judges would put at the top, but I love the technical aspects and ability to sound clean without banging at that speed. There are supposed to be varying views. All part of competitions.

Narine: Glad you said that. Iím on the other side. Too many notes. Too many jumpy players that affected what was whizzing by your ear. Donít know if they wanted to prove a point that they're the fastest players in the West. Donít be surprised if they donít flirt higher than sixth. Sure a fun way to execute. Still and all, had the work sounding like a bunch of birds humming the sound and flying around in a rag storm. Just saying.


Dr. Frances: I have no choice. Most of my friends are former and current players with Trinidad All Stars. So far, Itís Renegades to lose, which will be difficult. Theyíre so far ahead.

Narine: Trinidad All Stars has made it easier because if the judges crown them, every man Jack would want to know how they did it. Simple. The band approached as if it had a chore and delivered plain and simple to the nation. Not to the other bands. And Trinidad & Tobago got its message loud and clear.

Dr. Frances: Maybe youíre not so much overrating Trinidad All Stars, rather undertaking some of the other bands.

Narine: True. Stuff happens. Professor was robbed twice in two years. Pan by Storm and Pan Ecstasy.

Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra performs  So Long at the Trinidad and Tobago National Large Bands 2019 Panorama


Dr. Frances: I donít envy the judges. High standards tonight. The Stars have retained the title of being a Finals band. Much better than Prelims and Semis. Oh, Pan Elders and Pamper romped in the Medium Bands category. Your take.

Narine: Iím with you. Iím a Pamberi lifer, one of the best rhythm bands in the business. Pan Elders? Youíll always find them at the top of the world. Made my night, both of them.

Shall we wait till next year, Dr. Frances?

You think anything will change?

Nothing changed 2019. They must have thrown out Panís safety net, my work about scores and scores sheets. DISRUPTION2019.

Dalton Narine



By Dalton Narine


It is well past 4am Panorama Sunday.

Have we received the results? Are you kidding.

Just goes to show my DISRUPTION 2019 piece a day ago was spot on.

Every letter, word and sentence attests to, well not great expectations, but to an undisciplined routine that yours truly wrote about in DISRUPTION2019.

Why is that? So third world, the mentality of keeping panists, arrangers and band leaders at bay, diverting an old school system of notifying musicians and supporters of their right to know the results, the scores.

Who are these people to jerk the system around like that?

Suspending a beautiful night to their whims and fancy.

So what did you gain. Pomp and circumstance? In your wildest dreams, No. Nothing.

Would that Steel Band leaders meet soon to reconstruct such an abominable glitch in the system.

As the Calypsonianís song goes, ďAway to a higher position.Ē

Since there are no scores to settle the mind of all things Panorama, let us set the scene on the stage.

But first, Hereís a piece of mind from Federico GarcŪa Lorca, a Spanish poet, playwright and theater director in the 1920s-30s. ďThe melody begins, an undulant, endless melody. It loses itself horizontally, escapes from our hands as we see it withdraw from us toward a point of common longing and perfect passion.Ē

Dalton Narine

This is the eighth in a series by Dalton Narine, leading up to the Panorama Finals


Dalton Narine
About the author, Dalton Narine

Dalton Narine is a Belmont-born Trinidadian who dabbled in the arts and wrote about Trinidad & Tobago culture. He spent the other half of his career as a filmmaker and TV broadcaster during T&Tís annual Carnival. Narine is an avid collector of calypsos by The Mighty Shadow, a singer, he says, who had a knack for telling stories on himself and his own country that, at last, has embraced him.

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