Candice Andrews-Brumant, Skipper of Renegades Steel Orchestra, Speaks

by Sharmain Baboolal

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Candice Andrews-Brumant, at right, with Renegades Steel Orchestra
Candice Andrews-Brumant, at right, with Renegades Steel Orchestra  (Photo: Robbie Joseph)

Admittedly, she’s a stern disciplinarian.

And truth be told, it does not really matter to Candice Andrews-Brumant that she is the first female captain of a large band that has been crowned Panorama Champions: Renegades 2018.

Most importantly is the task at hand.

“It is very challenging and at times I felt like giving up”, Candice who has been Captain for six of the 27 years she has been with the Renegades.

“But I like to prove that I can do it regardless of what sacrifices there are because the majority of the players are youths and they are worth it,” she said.

“The only challenges are people with gender issues or those who say that you came into the band after them, but you are now leading them,” she said.

“The biggest deal is winning the Panorama,” she said, adding “it’s not about being the first female captain to win.

“I still don’t know how to feel. I am happier for Duvone Stewart (arranger) and the youths who never won a Panorama with the band,” the double second player, who was on the winning team for the 1995,1996 and 1997 three-peat under arranger Jit Samaroo said on Wednesday morning.

However it’s a full-time job keeping the band together.

“It’s all about discipline. I am very stern.

“I have a problem with people who are indisciplined,” she stated.

“I have challenges with some people but I like to stamp out indiscipline. We have a system of fines and disciplinary action to maintain that level of discipline and I make sure that I enforce them,” the no-nonsense woman said.

“People could thank me for going down that road especially to see where the country is now.

“We don’t want the youths growing up with that thinking and mentality,” the mother of two-year-old daughter said.

“Our aim to is to take them off the streets an do something positive.

“When everyone is sleeping I have to get up and make it happen,” she said about her full-time job.

“I have a committee of seven people working with me and I delegate responsibility, but at the end of the day, I am the one to make sure it happens.”

Candice started playing the steel pan when she was 15 years old. She grew up- and still lives with her grandmother next door to the Renegades Panyard.

“It’s a task and I am a person who is not a quitter,” she assured.

“Whether winning Panorama or not bp Renegades is a busy band.

“My life was caught up travelling the world, and doing stuff with the band and my daughter was born when I was 39 years old.”

With the Renegades, Candice has travelled to and performed in Europe and Japan, the US and some Caribbean islands.

And that includes France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Spain Tunisia, New Caledonia and La Reunion island- off the coast of Madagascar as well as Argentina and Japan as well as Atlanta, Virginia and Chicago in the US.

Author Sharmain Baboolal
About the author, Sharmain Baboolal

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