Total Disrespect! Total Advantage! Total Destruction (coming)! Say NO to HADCO

An opinion

by Salmon Cupid (Musician, Educator, Inventor and Entrepreneur)

Provided by and published with the permission of, the author

Global - “How stupid will a steelpan Builder - Tuner - Grover be to go and work for HADCO?

HADCO advertisement seeking Steelpan “Builder,” “Tuner” and “Groover”
HADCO advertisement seeking Steelpan “Builder,” “Tuner” and “Groover”

“We are trying as a people to be INDEPENDENT … we are trying to put slavery behind us.

“I encourage all steelpan Builders, Tuners and Groovers to continue to work for yourself, BE YOUR OWN BOSS, chart your own course and MOST IMPORTANTLY MAKE 100% OF THE MONEY YOU WORK FOR.

“Try to be STRONG, steelpan makers. Don’t fall for an “easy” pay cheque. The long term ramifications to our culture far outweigh this shortsighted offer.

“Senior steelpan makers should unite and try to preserve ownership of this industry for our future generations. Accepting this as an alternative is surrendering our heritage to corporate monopoly.

“The Steelpan is for the people. How could it possibly be ok with us for one private company to roll in (Jeff Bezos/Amazon-style) and monopolize a whole industry for personal gain? Accepting this move quietly is saying “Yes” to closing down an entire sector in the long term.”

Salmon Cupid is the founder and musical director of Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra; more here.

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