Pantonic Steel Orchestra - “Stranger” - (‘Panorama’ version - Video)

Clive Bradley - Arranger

Brooklyn, New York, USA - A Clive Bradley-arrangement of Shadow’s 2001 composition “Stranger” performed by Pantonic Steel Orchestra.  This is the HD video and audio captured by Basement Recordings of the band’s Panorama performance.  Pantonic would go on to win the 2001 USSA (United States Steelband Association) New York Panorama competition held at the Thomas Jefferson High School field.

The stark, white flood lights illuminating the competition were the only set used on stage that night - not the full brilliance of custom/ conventional concert lighting that had been in play at the beginning of the Panorama.  This was because the order had been given by the NYPD (New York Police Department) to immediately shut down the event, as the grounds with thousands of patrons were not fully lit as well.  The wrong generators were supplied for the grounds’ lighting, leaving the majority of the area for attendees very dimly lit.  Faced with the choice of being forced to cancel the Panorama because of that, the decision was made to cut the previously-complete lighting system to the stage, and the now re-purposed generators instead facilitated lighting the crowd area, allowing the Panorama to unfold.

Memories of Bradley and the 2001 Panorama...

And as the great one [Bradley] descended down to almost one knee, there was a vacuum-sucking hush.  Then as he rose in the same motion, there was an ear-deafening roar from the crowd of over 20,000 (documented by the NY Times) steelband music aficionados present at this historic 2001 NY Panorama... From that moment the over-125 Pantonic players - otherwise known as “Bradley’s Kids” brought nothing but fire to the place.

   Pantonic Steel Orchestra - “Stranger” -  (‘Panyard’ version - Audio) - Clive Bradley - Arranger

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Pantonic Steel Orchestra with arranger Clive Bradley
Pantonic Steel Orchestra with arranger Clive Bradley on stage at the 2001 New York Panorama competition